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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by het, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Why is every used road bike for sale small/medium/for midgets? Screw you guys.
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  4. want to get a big dummy for my wife. she can shed pounds and do my shopping in one easy step! how much will she love me for this decision on a scale of 10
  5. You people love to be fat

    She will hate you and eat ice cream
  6. she already married a big dummy

  7. oh what a surprise
    the 'popular kids' picking on rebellious nonconformist csl
  8. You're correct. I think I'll just end up buying a new bike. Giant Defy 1 looks reasonable for cruising around on.
  9. i thought the big dummy comment was adorable. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  10. polo match, 1.4 litre engine not 1.0 litre engine, you idiot. I value reliability over poor durability unlike you.
  11. only an idiot like you can say that as it was exactlky the case in the older bike thread.
  12. im being reasonable
  13. oh shit, a Polo MATCH! not just some POS regular polo... gotta get that right, guys.
  14. You have never been reasonable and you are going worse with time.
  15. more reasonable than you are dipshit
  16. OH the irony...
  17. ugh, two punctures in my last two rides. im getting good at roadside repairs. was still able to finish 12 miles both times in under an hour including repair time!
  18. my bike fell over when i parked it today, because of the wind.

    front light broken, and somehow the chain fell off, but it's inside a kind of casket. i can't reach it. argh.
  19. that means you need new tyres

    also try those inner tubes with that green goo in them, there good
  20. the tire is actually newish, from when I had a full-on blow-out of the sidewall a couple months back. I would think that it's a problem with the wheel, but that's new too because I went through a period where I was popping spokes, so I ended up with a new wheel a couple months before the tire.

    the problem is that I do everything with this bike. a set of mtb tires taking drops and jumps and stuff in the woods, and another set of road tires riding on shitty roads with glass and tools and all kinds of other weird debris on the side of the road.
  21. does it?

  22. yes. I am the resident bike expert
  23. ya always new tires
  24. tyres are very important

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