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  1. elaborate on bad cadence habits, i've been on a spin bike on rainy days trying to stay above 100rpm for 1hr why is this bad
  2. Because your pedal strokes on a fixed exercise bike do not effect your balance you are in essence training your body to become unbalanced at speed. The effect is only exaggerated when you pedal faster. I've seen some shit where people are on exercise bikes with zero resistance @ 120rpm and they are bouncing all over the place. When would you ever use this on a bike?
    Rollers force you to create an even pedal rhythm throughout your rotation and in doing so help maximize your power transfer. After using rollers, you wattage will most definitely increase, as will your ability to ride in a pack.
  3. good call. when I spin out on the exercise bike I brace myself between the handlebars and seat and use try to use my upper body to eliminate side to side motion

    i guess i should just get rollers and stop being afraid of them. fyi i have horrible balance
  4. me too. blehhhhh
  5. These are in Octalink, too. They didn't just say "team issue" on them, but were actually not offered for sale at all and were unused surplus from like 2008 that this dude is selling off.
  6. I have a specialized hard rock sport for commuting that's basically a junky bike but solid as a rock and works great for urban riding.

    My roadie is a 98 fondreist in mostly Campy Chorus with some record.

    I got a TiCycles custom (not custom to ME, though) frame that I'm currently collecting components to build up right now. I need most everything still and I just get anything I need when i find a good deal.
  7. man ti is overrated, but since you got that one for cheap it's legit.
  8. Crazy cheap. It might as well be new and I got it for ~1/15th what it cost new. It's a 59 cm (ish, just for general size comparison) and it weighs in under a kilo.
  9. big frame, small weight. it isn't too big for you?
  10. Nah, it's right about the right size for me. I'm about 187cm tall and I have long legs. My fondie is a 61cm and it's a bit big, but with everything set up right it's great for me.
  11. i still remember when nb posted that he got that frame+supernice fork for like $350 or some ridiculous figure that i'd care not to remember. i was jelious then, super-jelious now.
  12. There was THE EXACT same for for sale at the bike swap, only way more scuffed up than mine and the dude was asking $140 for it. Dizzope.
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    brb movin to seattle

    give you an idea of the shit that people are ok with payin here for a bike that doesn't come with saddle or pedals -
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    Guh, that's lame as hell. Seattle is the way for cheap bike shit. Did I tell you about the time I almost got a P3C with a pair of Ksyriums and a pair of Zipp 999s with an FSA Kronos crank, Zero-G brakes, and the rest was DA for $2500 asking price?
  15. don't worry, California, you're still the gold medalists of $700 Phil Wood hub'd wheelsets.

    your ami,
    Bicholas Niggalow
  16. hmm, you thought about it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I probably should get rollers for during the winter. The spinner is out of the window now.
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    Speaking of Rollers.

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    coulda sworn i already posterd this but yea.
  19. Probably.

  20. dont we allready have a forum for this?
  21. oops sorry i thought we had a BIG FAG section
  22. almost got a ticket for riding my bike without lights, i managed to flee from the cops. #$%# yeah netherlands #1
  23. canadian cars?

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