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  1. This thread is for concessing your darkest secrets. Me first. I have never seen porn and I think people who do are nasty pigs.
  2. I'm scared of rollercoasters.
  3. I hate heights. My knees turn to jelly.
  4. Aych Ess Vee has a bodacious wife.
  5. The list would be too long
  6. +1 karma
  7. I have a boner. FOREVER.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you in a relationship with like a 15 year old? Or something controversial... My recollection of drama of. Yesteryear is starting to fade.
  9. God, what a loser! Get a 16 year old so she can drive you home from the bar.
  10. Lol thats tipo. He had a rela with noisy fun
  11. ma = tipo

    although we know he doesn't control the ma account any more
  12. Wait MA is Tipo? Man I played Forza with Tipo alot. Didn't seem like the cave dweller at all. Obviously he was using electricty, internet, and other NSA controlled devices.
  13. Yeah thats what i ment
  14. That's not a confession, that's just bigotry.

    I'd like to see live porn. I hear it was popular among the wealthy before films became widely available (before 1910-ish).

    This is a confession.
  15. ive seen live porn in amsterdam on the red light district. it was bleu
  16. I've seen people #$%# as well but by live porn I mean choosing 2 attractive specimen and watching them copulate in a private setting.
  17. i had a threesome once. girls making out in front of me and stripping each other. if that counts.
  18. weren't the hottest though
  19. Toronto Pearson is one of the worst airport, after Chicago O'Hare.
  20. Why is there a terminal one and terminal three BUT NO TERMINAL TWO!?!
  21. lol. Our airport only has terminal 2, 3 and 4.
  22. I have arachnophobia. Yes I know, a big tall guy like me who is afraid like #$%# of spiders.
  24. A plane crashed into it?

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