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  1. Stomach ulcer?
  2. What's that? Looks like a myocardial infarction on a plate.
  3. will take time to figure out..
  4. Take some stomach protectors first
  5. My gf.
  6. I have several shits prescribed
  7. It's a homemade KFC Double Down.
  8. if I eat a piece of that it's straight up pain for me

  9. who said you have to ask? just be covert
  10. my "vegetarian but not including KFC" friend would love one of these
  11. What sort of pain do you have?

    Last year, I had a major pain in my lower abdomen. Even when I was with TSCM, I had to tell him to stop walking a bit because when the pain came, it hurts like a biatch!

    Finally! 2 months ago, my doctor found what I had. With all the check-up they did to me, he had an answer for my pain. It's called irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), or in french le syndrome du colon irritable.

    He said that I should stop taking any soft drinks, chocolate, candies, snacks like chips or doritos, all milk product, salt, sugar, and try avoiding greasy foods and that included poutine!! NO!!!! WHY POUTINE!!!!!!!!

    Since then, I fell like a million bucks! No more pain, but I still need to continue to make sure it's cured.
  12. how did you diagnose that? just by telling your symptoms to the doctor?
  13. I'm on a high fat/low carb diet so this actually works out really well for me.
  14. I gave my doctor all the details on the pain I had. That's when he sent me to the hospital to have 2 cameras inside myself to check out what was going on. Even did a thread about it. It's not a nice experience.

    That's when he noticed what was recorded by the camera, that I have a intolerance to lactose and saw what was going on in my bowel. First good news he said that it wasn't cancer related (Thank God!). That's when he discover that I had IBS.

    Told me what diet I should follow and voilà! No more pain. Sometimes I get a small discomfort in the lower abdomen that's when I check what I ate before and avoid that food that makes that discomfort.

    The good thing about all this is that I'm starting to loss weight, about freakin' time!
  15. IBS is not a diagnosis, its basically what doctors say when they can't figure out what is wrong with your gut. A lot of people get it, its basically a name for any number of undefinable pains in your gut. Can be caused by stress, diet, etc. So Doctors put you on a diet, and if you think you are getting healed, you will get healed. It can be quite bad to the point of getting blood in your stools, but it won't kill you. IBS won't cause you to throw up though, its on the other end of the stomach.
  16. Pain from fatty good sounds like you are getting reflux to me. Can cause you to vomit, can give you pains in your chest that don't go away for weeks. Can be caused by a number of things. Mine was caused by trying to do deadlifts having not been in the gym for several years. Got a hiatus hernia and its been downhill from there. On a ton of medication for it, but they only operate in dire circumstances, as its not a normal hernia, its a hernia where you stomach pops into your oesophagus, so there are dangers associated with the operation. I have to watch what I eat (pain follows if I eat the wrong thing) and I can't drink.
  17. yeah my thoughts also, kind of amazed they often don't know what to do for such pains.
  18. I do have sever reflux; hence why I don't consume anymore any of the following : any fried shit, chocolate, beer / red whine, garlic, mint, etc..

    where was your pain for the hiatus, just under the sternum? thats where my biggest pains are when I get oesophagus spasms.

    I want them to put the camera in the mouth and in the pooper and see what the #$%# is going on. if there is nothing well I'll just turn vegan and eat tofu the rest of my life.
  19. yeah I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks :p
    how can he see lactose intolerance with the camera?

    my go to food is cereals + milk; the only thing I cant eat over and over , even before going to sleep and I am guarantee to have no issues.
  20. Sometimes I pick my nose.

    Sometimes, accidentally, I smell my own farts. Very occasionally I smell them not by accident.
  21. I had tom yam soup tonight for the first time ever. I would of said it was fantastic but I have been in the toilet for the past hour.
  22. WOULD OF
  23. I keep my MP3 "just in case" even though I don't listen to 99% of them
  24. Lose 10 so far, but it took a month.
    Don't know man, I'm no specialist but my family doctor is damn good, he knows his stuff.

    When they inserted the camera in my mouth, it went right down to my stomach. Maybe they saw something that I had that causes the intolerance.
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