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  1. Welcome. Discuss your money (or lack thereof) here.

    So I just checked my tax return thing. I will be receiving like $3300 back on my taxes in June. Was not expecting that much. Pretty sweet.

    Last week I had a chat with my boss and the HR guy about how unsatisfied I am with my salary. It is well below average and I have been working for them for over a year and I know I perform well. They increased it by $2500 a year. Still not enough, but they said they can't do more because of budget. But they will send me to some courses to develop my skills. Shit, I could have argued my case for those anyway. Oh well. I'll apply to some other places and see if I can get some more leverage.

    Talked to the house loan lady yesterday. She was not as optimistic as I had hoped about the apartment I want to buy. But we'll see.
  2. it depends how it works but generally, the top VP receives and envelope and it goes down to your (lower levels). Each level it crosses people take a bite a the budget

    so that might be true that your boss only has ~2-3k per yer for his whole team and decided to give it to you

    tx return side this year its the mother#$%#ing jackpot
  3. The income-expenditures rate here is insanely uneven, but somehow we manage.
  4. I just got my tax return. I got back $34 this year. Much less than last year.
  5. I usually have to pay taxes well see soon

    hope for a big return to pay for morocco trip this august
  6. I was stupidly expecting a few hundred back. Owed 300. Damn it.

  7. I'll have a large return next year because I was lazy about filing my TD1s quickly. I don't like giving the government an interest-free loan.
  8. Oh poor Norwegian who has such a low salary. I bet you still have like 5 million USD per month :p
  9. i still have to do taxes.

  10. im saving more money than ever before
    not paying rent rulz
  11. I'm a tax accountant, tomorrow is the US deadline day. kill me plz
  12. I pay accountants to do the shitty work of tax reports.
  13. No payments or debts (cars, credit cards, other obligations) apart from living expenses, for which I use my amex exclusively. I cover amex every month by transferring money from my primary account. My primary account also has a debit card associated with it, for the occasional merchant who doesn't take amex or for the times I need to go with cash. My primary account is topped up every two weeks with my direct-depostied salary. That entire process is all very hands-off, and I only just scan my primary account and amex statements to look for things that are out of the ordinary.

    Tax return will go straight to my investment account along with whatever else I didn't spend out of my primray account or pay out to amex, save for a small buffer amount for the times when my amex bill is higher than usual.
  14. oh and i recently got a mortgage.

    adult things
  15. Looking forward to new TFSA cap room! #justcanadianthings
  16. I'm paying again for the 12th year in a row.
  17. Its good money, but from ~Feb 1st to April 15th I work 60-70 hours per week as frantically as you can imagine. Tomorrow evening will be full of intoxicating beverages.
  18. i just got a new capital one credit card. lets see how this goes
  19. In West Virginia, you can run up the bill, not pay it, get a lawyer the first time they call you about the balance, then sue their pants off if they ever call you again.*

    *This is probably not sound legal advice, but apparently it works.
  20. Buying a house?
  21. I learned today from a fellow French coworker that French salaries are lowere than Swedish ones. This was the most surpsising statement I've hear in quite a while. I thought all of western Europe had higher engineering salaries than Sweden.

    Also, I talked to a friend today who applied for a job on a level just above his current one which he was offered at a major Swedish company, and the potential future manager told him he had 4 hours to consider the offer, and then when he still wasn't sure during their next meeting, the manager told him that his future in the company would be "difficult" if he didn't accept the offer. He declined as he didn't want to work for a manager who had such an attitude whatever the pay and now he's wondering what the #$%# will happen to him in the future. Socialist Swedish candyland for you.
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  23. I make like $53k before taxes now. Average engineering salary with 1 year experience is $60k apparently. So it's a pretty big gap.
  24. I could probably save a few hundred quid a month, but I don't.
  25. Holy shitballs that's a bad graduate salary. Eject, go to a country that pays more.

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