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  1. Here comes burner
  2. i wonder what burner was on after he graduated
    after he spent years being a glassie that is
  3. probably just a humble million dollars, not even enough for a new wing mirror
  4. i think it was less than a million dollars
    youre thinking about what his house in melbournes richest suburb is worth
  5. Gotta work hard if you're planning on wearing two watches. Gotta be able to back up your bling.
  6. For an engineer, who is not in his first year out of uni, that is a pretty bad salary. Engineers can and should earn a lot of money.
  7. Can't afford two watches now, as Chris said, I have a house to pay for.
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    Bear in mind, $53k is £36k

    A graduate engineer could earn £18,000 with a modest regional employer or £33,000 working for a global oil company. Typical earnings for incorporated and chartered engineers are £43,300 and £55,000 respectively, though there is huge variation in pay for engineers at these levels.

    Starting salaries for leading engineering graduate schemes
    The following figures relate to starting salaries for 2015, unless otherwise stated.

    •AB Agri Limited graduate salary: £21,000 (commercial, supply chain and nutrition graduate schemes); £22,000 (finance graduate scheme) (figures for 2014 entry).
    •AECOM graduate salary: £23,000–£26,000
    •Airbus graduate salary: £25,000+
    •AkzoNobel graduate salary: £25,500–£27,500
    •AMEY graduate salary: £25,000
    •ARM graduate salary: £27,000 (figure for 2014 entry)
    •Atkins graduate salary: £22,000–£33,000 depending on qualifications
    •AWE graduate salary: usually at least £21,500 per year, although salaries are typically dependent on experience. Applicants with PhDs start on at least £26,000 per year.
    •Babcock graduate salary: a minimum of £25,000
    •BAE Systems graduate salary: £25,000–£28,000 (graduate development framework); £28,000 (finance leader development programme); £28,000+ (sigma leadership programme).
    •Balfour Beatty graduate salary: £23,000–£26,900
    •BG Group graduate salary: £32,500–£36,500
    •BP graduate salary: minimum £33,000
    •British Sugar graduate salary: £30,000 (engineering and electrical engineering programmes only)
    •Caterpillar graduate salary: £26,750–£27,250 depending on experience
    •DSTL graduate salary: circa £22,167
    •EDF energy graduate salary: £25,100
    •E.ON graduate salary: £27,500–£40,000, depending on role and qualifications
    •ExxonMobil graduate salary: £37,500–£42,000 depending on qualifications
    •First Group graduate salary: £26,000
    •Imagination Technologies graduate salary: £23,000–£30,000
    •Jaguar Land Rover graduate salary: £29,000 (figure for 2014 entry)
    •Johnson Matthey Plc graduate salary: £26,000+
    •L-3 TRL Technology graduate salary: £26,000
    •Lloyd's Register graduate salary: £25,500–£27,500
    •Mars graduate salary: £28,000 (engineering and R&D programmes)
    •MBDA UK graduate salary: £25,000
    •Mott MacDonald graduate salary: between £24,000 and £28,000 depending on location and qualifications
    •National Grid graduate salary: £26,500–£27,500 depending on qualifications
    •Network Rail graduate salary: £26,500
    •Nestlé graduate salary: £27,000 (figure for 2014 entry)
    •Nexen Petroleum UK Limited graduate salary: £30,000–£40,000 (figures for 2014 entry)
    •npower graduate salary: £30,000 (quantitative risk scheme); £26,000 (other schemes).
    •Procter & Gamble graduate salary: £28,600 (more if have a higher degree – figures for 2014 entry)
    •Raytheon UK graduate salary £24,000 (figure for 2014 entry)
    •Rolls-Royce graduate salary: £27,500
    •Royal Navy graduate salary: £25,220+
    •Shell graduate salary: varies according to the role and location. Graduate production technology positions, for example, were advertised at £32,500 to £37,000 in 2014.
    •Transport for London graduate salary: £26,000 (2014 entry)
    •TRW graduate salary: £26,000
    •UK Power Networks graduate salary: £29,000+
    •Unilever graduate salary: £29,000 (Unilever Future Leaders Programme, which includes research and development roles)
    What is a typical salary for a graduate engineer?
    A typical salary for a graduate engineering job with a high profile graduate employer is £25,000. Salaries for such roles advertised with TARGETjobs Engineering tend to range between around £22,000 to £30,000. A few engineering employers pay more, typically (but not exclusively) oil and gas giants such as BP, Shell and ExxonMobil. Conversely, salaries for graduate engineers working for small and medium-sized employers tend to be slightly lower, often between £18,000 and £25,000.

    The AGR Graduate Recruitment Survey Summer Review, published in 2014, outlined the graduate starting salaries that its members (mainly well paying blue-chip employers) paid graduates starting work in 2013–2014. It reported that the median graduate starting salary with AGR-affilated engineering and industrial companies was £25,250. The median for construction companies and consultancies was also £25,250; the median for energy, water and utilities companies, was £27,500; and the median for fast moving consumer goods companies was £27,500. NB these figures include non-engineering roles.

    The 2014 Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey, which questioned 2013 graduates approximately six months after they graduated, found:

    •Mechanical engineering graduates’ salaries averaged £26,471.
    •Civil engineering graduates’ salaries averaged £24,901.
    •Electrical and electronic engineering graduates’ salaries averaged £25,165.
    NB these figures cover both engineering graduates working in engineering and those who moved on to other fields.
  9. doctors can and should earn a shitload of money
    that doesnt mean they do for a long time out of uni
    its pretty much the same for everyone
    except richdad glassies
  10. Well I have a fair few mates who are in medicine, and I can tell you that they are earning pretty big $$ within 2 years out of qualifying. In the multiple hundreds of thousands. I actually think doctors here in Australia earn too much. Multi million dollar salaries are commonplace amongst established specialists, especially surgeons. Most of specialists even on the medical side are on high six figures and low seven figure sums. I know in the UK and Europe, wages in these fields rarely hit those numbers. ( I'm talking private practice of course).

    That aside, what I mean to say regarding the earlier post is that he wasn't talking about a graduate wage ( that figure would probably be about right), he was talking about a wage that is years in.
  11. That's with an undergrad degree.

    The Norwegian krone is so weak right now. A year ago, that 53k was around 67k.
  12. I thought the average wage in Norway was north of $100k?
  13. Just converting on market exchange gives a pretty meaningless impression of what that money is actually worth, though. Unless your cost of living has changed dramatically at the same time, what does the value of the krone matter?
  14. Yes sir
  15. Lol i make around 25k before taxes.
  16. Around the same here.
    Never studied anything, though.
  17. No, not quite that high. Internet says average monthly income is 43k NOK. Mine is 35k NOK now.
  18. Cost of living has not increased by much.

    But I buy some things online. Car parts and watches and things. Also going abroad is more expensive. Overall not a big deal.

    I just mentioned it to inform Mr. Burner that things used to seem more impressive.
  19. So an engineer earns below average wage? That's a load of bullshit right there. Engineers should be payed double average wage.
  20. 53k is a verty good salary

    here with all the magreb immigrants they can offer even less. you're happy if you get 45k
  21. Does your country assist first time home buyers? I am planning on buying a home in 1.5 years, but I feel even with a decent salary, I really need to save for a nice down payment.

  22. so your mortgage payments are 150% of your salary?
  23. Eh I'm poor but doesn't matter anymoar because I got an apt for freeeeee
  24. There are still some first time homebuyers programs in the US, and plenty of stupid banks that will loan you money with next to nothing down. I refinanced my rental house last year and they were almost surprised I was trying to put some money down on it.
  25. Back home the official line is a 20% deposit, which takes a long time for most people to save on a $400 ~ 500k house. You can get by with less, but it's niggly.

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