is dieing

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  1. Shut up, you're banned for good.
  2. I'm not negative I just don't believe nonsense. For as long as there has been magazines there has been someone trying to sell one bogus device or another in the back of them. They defy common sense & basic science and only appeal to the unintelligent, introverted, or just anti-establishment crowd.

    Think about how information spreads these days. Someone can video tape a cop beating a guy on the darkest of streets in LA and within 12 hours people in India are watching it.

    If these crazy ideas like the 300mpg carburetor, or increase fuel economy 50% with a pint of acetone actually worked then everyone and their brother would know about it. Instead it's always some evil person/corporation/company that doesn't want you to know this powerful secret.

    The reality is these ideas have been tested in laboratory settings by chemists and physicists and they simply don't work. Sure the best minds of MIT & Berkley can't figure it out but some tinfoil hat wearing 40 year old living in his parents basement has. And it'll only cost you $10 and a stamp to find out too...
  3. It's annoying isn't it? Him and Fast Man need to gtfo for good. They're under the impression that you've gotta be a badass on the internet to gain ecool.
  4. Thank you for protecting India/the world from the perils of modern society.
  5. Did Jesus run over your dog or something?
  6. Maybe cuz I didn't post all week.

    Also I feel it too, the site is getting a bit boring.
  7. we need to do some marketing!
  8. SWOT analysis!
  9. RLQ 1982-2006.

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  10. truth. but it wont die, this site is too big.
  11.'s death 2001-present
  12. No.You should return to your grave and pray your priest not to die in hell.
  13. Luke never had a sharp sense of reasonning. He lived in a virtual world most of the time and never heard of the news real world or ignored them. Lacking sense of realism is perhaps something that what can put an individual in the most embarassing situation.
  14. i'm too lazy to read all four pages.
    is sc really dying?
  15. SC isn't dieing. Everyone stfu.
  16. This thread gets made every 3 months.

    Go cry in your pillow.
  17. Gentlemen,

    I like to apologize for not posting much these days. This is due to the fact that im very busy, and hardly have any time.

    Rest assured in about 5-6 months time, i will once again start posting like i used to.

    You may discuss this matter further.
  18. hahaha xombies
  19. srsly
  20. This is the quarterly PMS session...everyone whines that it's dying & then it gets better once the proverbial tampon is inserted & the morons (i.e, Mc777) are weeded out & absorbed into said tampon.

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