may actually be getting new members

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AntiPimpage, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. In may, my health permitting, I will be riding along on a supercar cruise from Annapolis, MD to Ocean City, MD.

    I'm going to try and recruit people with their supercars to join and post on the website. So we'll see what happens.
  2. great more 4 day contributors
  3. Why? They won't like it here. There are much better places for said people. I know plenty of people with such cars and I'd never suggest they even look at this site.
  4. why would you help site owners of a seriously neglected site get more hit traffic?
  5. is this part of your comedy routine?
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  7. dont take no for an answer
    also warn them about the ten posts per day limit
    try to get them to sign up for a premium account

    im with rob, this could be great for your comedy
  8. we should get the viper alley guys over here. make sure your driveways are clear
  9. Srsly Vanilla Ice has some explaining to do
  10. yeah, not a great idea.

    this site never had lots real supercar owners. it was teenagers arguing.
  11. Sounds alright, bring em in.
  12. Did you see his spelling?

  13. And that's what made this site so great.
    I guess that's what we need.
    Go scout some Jr High's and High Schools for young boys.
  14. we should advertise on snapchat
  15. damn, hard to please.... you guys complain that the site is dying, I had an idea to attempt to revive it and you guys gun that one down too
  16. Not trying to be funny, but did you actually think that was a genuine way to revitalize the site?
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    We all started somewhere. Revisiting indy forums cannot end well for anyone.
  19. Hemistage's posts still look the same.

    I just find it implausible that those are genuine non-troll posts by V-Ice because he is very, very clever and delivers information in a coherent manner in impeccable English.

    I need confirmation.
  20. Most valuable asset of this site is its domain name with a distant second the sports/supercars index. Maybe back in the early 00s the forums also had some value because of much more traffic than its peers.

    It can get revitalized IMO but not under the current format
  21. That's because hemi is 40 years old, he had already reached maturity by that time.
  22. I don't think I ever posted in the indys
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    I don't see any posts of his in that thread. There's a few missing posts in there so deletion is a possibility.

    The first post in that thread is probably 13 years old. At least 8. We've all learnt a lot in the last 8 years.

    EDIT: Just saw the response in the other thread. Makes sense.
  24. What about those people who only stayed in Indies but still got a premium account. Proper weirdos

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