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  1. WORKSUX would be good too. I'm surprised v8stangman isn't fired yet.
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  2. haha love my updated one and 944turbos
  3. Might be the best thread in awhile.
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  4. So ETB4U has man boobs?
  5. Uhm, the politically correct term is mreasts.

    And his caricature really did hit the spot.
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  6. Did you assume my gender?
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  7. Yes. It's Texan.
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  8. Yeah. I'm here right now.
  9. This is a great thread, and I feel privileged to have been selected.
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    Unfortunately work has gotten in the way of my art. Here are some more:

    Stoic Certainty

    Vigorous Takeover

    All In a Days' Work
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  12. The last one is your best yet
  13. Hemi has a huge schlong
  14. Hemi looks like Mr Bean
  15. Jeanny Anglais
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  16. i cave to your demands
  17. Sweet a sticky :cool:
    Been real busy but I have a few more I've been meaning to make.
    This one is a bit obscure

  18. This made me chuckle. I had/have no idea what @christofurr did for a living. Now I have assumptions.
  19. AFAIK he works at Weta Digital. Visual effects.
  20. Aren't wetas those gross cunting insects that look like fucking ****s?
  21. I can say cunting without censorship? This is a whole new level of liberalism! Voltaire ain't got shit compared to this.

    Test: ****

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  22. well, this is one of their logos
  23. This thread is so wonderful.
  24. Are they specialised in the sort of horror films where mutant cockroaches lay eggs inside humans and the humans burst open with entrails and more cockroaches flying about?

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