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  1. If that's what happens in LoTR and The Hobbit, then yes
  2. That would make them worth watching.
  3. Wetas are just (pretty fookin massive) crickets, harmless and slow fafaik

    In Moscow a couple of months back I experienced my first roach plague in an apartment, battled it successfully. I was there for 2 weeks, wrapped it up in about 1.5, long live dohloks
    Also contender for coolest logo in the world
  4. Are you in Moscow again?
  5. I was. Got a business idea (to make the forums awesome? maybe) for there, now making monies again to save up a bit. Loans/mortgages in Msk aren't fun, easily exceeding 10%.
  6. And you're back in NL?
  7. I've been driving past this building. Turns out they are in the same business:

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  8. thats quite a fence
  9. Trump would be proud.
  10. German fences are built for keeping people inside, not outside. Top quality.
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  11. I'm not from San Francisco
  12. A/S/L/P
  13. Age/sexualpreference/location/pronoun?
  14. I remember your username
  15. pretty sure he is Italian kid
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  16. I remember him. He wasn't a ****.
  17. i remembaaahhhh [peeearl harbaaaahhh]
  18. My wrists are not that hairy!
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  19. Accurate. Not sure why I have only seen this now.
  20. I don't think there's enough 90s pop culture references in the pic
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  21. Do you get some kind of medal if you leave this site and come back 10+ years later and find your account is still active?
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  22. It happened to a lot of us. Welcome back!
  23. I remembah

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