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    This thread always makes me laugh:
  2. who was the guy that lie about winning a meseratti in an airport in dubai or somewhere in middle east. buhandi?
  3. You were a mod before that. I joined in Nov '01 and became a mod on Oct. '02.
  4. We can hope.
  5. September 15 2006 - got hacked, and people were accidentally logging on to other people's accounts, it became a real mess to know who was who.
  6. Probably sometime in 02 then.
  7. how do i get on the fasttrack for modship
  8. Things started going downhill once the Karma was killed, loads of members used to scan magazines, research articles online and there was always interesting content everyday. Now its just axel posting away.

    I've been here since 03/04
  9. You're too young to know this.
  10. This site is #$%#ing awful.
  11. 1997 or whatever to present timeline over
  12. Seriously, a guy comes in and ruins a few threads a day, and no one can do anything about it than try to delete any posts he makes? I bet Maximum-Attack wouldn't even have this problem if someone tried. It's bush league.
  13. we both became a mod july 4th of 02. I don't know why I remember this
  14. can you guys actually see all the pages in this thread? I can't lol.
  15. You can't run with me.
  16. Most important day of your life, that's why.
  17. those are deleted posts
  18. anybody got a screenshot of v1 and v2, i cant remember what they look like
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  21. also, feck at the all blue one. glory days!
  22. SCN has aged like milk,

  23. Because it is on your resume.
  24. Because it meant a big change in my sex life. Being an internet moderator gets you chicks man.
  25. Maximum-Attack has Jesus on their side.

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