SC430 Pace Car vs SLK 32 AMG vs Z8

Discussion in '2002 Lexus SC430 Pace Car' started by Peter Bentley, Aug 10, 2002.

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    stop smoking and flying cause you can't compare a Z8 with and SC 430 schleprock. Pick your shit up and go skippy.

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    hmm, interesting comparison. The Z8 can get to 60 in about 4.8 seconds, as tested by EVO magazine. The SLK managed about 5.2 and that figure is also from EVO. So in the standing start stakes the Z8 has it by a long shot. In the handling department, the Z8 is again probably the best of the three. I havent actually seen a proper road test for the Lexus, but i assume that it will be too soft, and even with stiffened suspension i doubt the chassis dynamics will be as polished as the BMW. The SLK is definitely not in the running here, as the chassis was poorly rated in EVO magazine, and doesn't really handle the power. Overall the Z8 has to win , as far as being a drivers car. The SLK is nothing more than a little dragster, and the Lexus is really just a cruiser. But try getting your hands on a Z8
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    Thiscomparison does not really mtter to me but this is a sweet ass car I would really love to to own and drive one of these.<!-- Signature -->

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