Scared of nitrous?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by lucky strike, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. ok?
  2. Yeah?
  3. Nah?
  4. I'm broke?
  5. Yeh, wouldn't it be a marginal gain over cool air in real life anyway? (Remember they are on a dyno, and even then heatsoak meant the runs got worse each time.)
  6. nice article
  7. 35R is massive? The higher HP 2-rotor guys usually use 42Rs and T51RSPLs to make big HP, like [email protected] On mostly stock engines. Kinda scares me.

    If I went with a 35R I could make 450 on pump gas, but then the turbo falls on its face and MIGHT be able to break 500rwhp with C16, there's really no point though because it drops off wildly after 22psi. The new GT35RS should be good for [email protected], but if you want even bigger numbers, you have to use the GT42R, and be ready for big time lag (30psi comes on at 5300rpm...).

    Doesn't really matter though, I use smaller frame T04 turbos that'll make 300-400rwhp on pump gas, which should be fine for both of my cars.
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