SCG-003 breaks 'Ring lap record

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    Jim Glickenhaus’s SCG-003 reportedly blitzes Zonda R’s time of 6m 47s. Find out what it did


    "I wanted something you could throw round the back-roads of Sussex on the way to Goodwood," Jim Glickenhaus told a couple of months back. Turns out he also wants something you could throw around one of the world's lairiest racing circuits.

    This is because his company, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, is reporting that the SCG-003 supercar has just lapped the Nürburgring in 6m 42s, besting the Pagani Zonda R's 6m 47s. Five seconds.

    There's more, too, because SCG, posting via its Instagram account, tells us that the 6m 42s attempt was with restricted horsepower and weight ballast (for racing purposes, naturally). On street tyres, and let off the leash, he says it "should kiss 6m 30s". Woah.

    So what's an SCG-003? Jim's new obsession, and a car that follows his P4/5 and P4/5 Competizione. Underneath, there's a carbon fibre monocoque, carbon uprights and much downforce. There's also a twin-turbo 3.5-litre Honda V6, good for 600bhp.

    "Back in the day you could drive your Alfa Romeo or MGB or Aston Martin if you were really lucky through the week, the race it at the weekend," he told TG. "Now we have these megacar monsters with 1000bhp that struggle to get traction and don't fit on the road," he added.

    This ‘Ring time is only the start, then. It's also warming up nicely for a huge showdown, because as we've told you recently, Koenigsegg is planning a summer assault on the ultimate Nürburgring lap time with his Agera RS.

    Who do you think will win, and - ultimately - does it even matter?

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  2. Major man-crush on Glickenhaus
  3. He thinks it will go even faster if they downgrade to street tires? While at the same time upping the power? And then he goes on to deride other cars for not being able to keep traction?
  4. Not bad, but it will be game over when the One:1 gets there.
  5. I know
  6. What was the last ring time for a koniegesegg
  7. This car is infinitely cooler and better looking, too.
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  10. And that's pretty cheap for that kind of performance.

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