SCG 003S James Glickenhaus' new toy

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Innotech, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Kinda cool.
  2. what's it built off of?
  3. Kia Rio.
  4. If this is Ferrari based again, I wonder what they think about how much it looks like a Lamborghini Veneno at the front?
  5. nissan gtr
  6. it'll be interesting to see how it sells. I doubt they'll make more then 2 or 3 though
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  8. Looks awesome. The second coolest looking car that came out in the past year (coolest being the Ford GT) in my opinion. The front could look more original, but the lines flows pretty well with the rest of the car. Overall it is a very well designed vehicle.
  9. If this is anything like as good as his movies, this will be the best car since the Kia Sorrento.

    Seriously though, this guy talks a big game, (have a look what he writes on FerrariChat and MclarenLife, username Napolis. If this car is a quarter as good as he makes it out to be, it will be pretty good. Its a custom monocoque, no Ferrari basis, and the race version has a Honda racing TT V6. He claims better downforce than the Mclaren P1, LAF and 918, and claims it will beat them on the ring. (Im not sure If he means the race version will beat the road cars, or he means the as of now unengined road car version will beat them). He also doesn't seem to understand the difference between then and than, and claims Miss Sweden tried to have a threesome with him and his wife. His dad was the head of a major Wall Steet investment firm, and his greatest accomplishments appear to be spending his inherited money, sometimes well (The P4/5). Im just not convinced that the car he has been talking up for the last two years as the greatest car ever made, has turned out to look like an Enzo crossed with a Cadillac Cien.
  10. to me, it looks a lot like a nissan GTR, could just be window line, but it especially looks like the original concept.

    unlike the GTR though, i'm totally in love with the styling.

    Glickenhaus is the #$%#ing man. seriously, super admirable. he has the ideal life.
  11. The more I look at photos the more I like it. The profile is really nice. I think the only part I am not a big fan of is the curved wing on the back. I don't think a straight wing would look good either. But somewhere in the middle or even without it.
  12. those ridges on the top of the fenders and the channels on either side of the spine are really nice touches.
  13. Shouldn't this car have less overhang?

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