school mandates changes to evolution.

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  2. Holy shit it's 2:30 am and I've got to be up in 4 hours. I'm out.
  3. What's the building in the background?
  4. IMO why shouldn't schools be allowed to present both Darwinian evolution and creationism/intelligent design in unbiased lights and let students decide for themselves? While we can argue scientific evidence all day long, the fact remains that there is more than one theory/belief about how we all got here, and creationists do have quite a few arguments to back up their point. Both should be fully explained.
  5. Haha. I go to a Catholic school, and we learn evolution.

    At the same time though, I think my bio teacher did mention somewhat that some people contest it, which should be mentioned, but certainly not the only thing taught.
  6. Evolutionists wont allow it.

    Ok, back when I lived in north GA I went to a middle school in the county that is all over the news for the little sticker on the books that basically says that evolution is only a theory and should be treated as such (which people are now trying to get removed). They never had those when I was there, and infact the textbooks given to my school said that basically that man evolved from single celled organisms and that darwin had theories about how evolution (which was presented as something that was a fact) worked. Not that evolution was a theory, but that it was a fact and that there were theories about how it worked.
  7. Why doesn't your pastor teach you Evolution? Why doesn't Your English class give an indepth look in plate tectontics? There's a time and a place for everything, and Science class is a place for Science, not a soundstage for various religious beliefs.
  8. Not only Evolutionists, but Scientists in general.

    And yeah, Common descent is so obvious to anyone with any knowledge of it that any theory to replace the current Evolutionary model wouldn't deal with whether or not life on earth has evolved, but whether how it evolved.
  9. Common decent= theory. Saying that its a 100% fact is false.
  10. The rest of the world knew what exactly?
  11. Christians can be really dumb sometimes, i heard this minister from a Uniting Church responding to the claim of Evolution after the discovery of that Indonesian midget. he said "While Scientists dimiss creationism and promote evolution, they're is still No proof as to whether creationism exists."
    Interviewer (local news reporter): is there any proof as to whether creationism exists?
    Minister: Yes, were are here now, and it also says so in the Bible.
    Interviewer: Surely thats not solid evidence.
    Minister: Scientists have never proven anything, they still haven't proven that the earth is not the centre of the Universe.
    That trully happened...he said there is no proof that sorry, but can he explain Retrograde motion. (basically caused by when the earth passes a planet in orbit around the Sun) of everything in our solar system.
  12. You're right on a technicality. No theory can ever be fact. That doesn't keep it from having so much evidence that arguing about it would just be a waste of time.
  13. That the earth is not 6000 years old.

    edit: This was known before evolution as well.
  14. i had an exam essay on "The Crucible" on Friday, and someone went online and printed a model essay. The first line was, "The Crucible is set in a theocratic society in Salem Massachucetts."
    I asked, "Ok, what does theocratic mean."
    he said "I dunno"
    I said, "then you're screwed"
  15. yeah, i dont get it, its like they think that people who dont believe in creationism automaticaly think that science holds all answers to the universe. Seriously, can you say "brainwashed"?
  16. just like how jehovahs witness go door to door and try conversion.
    "How would you like to feel the almigthy force of a door slamming on your foot?"
  17. hell christians even do that shit where i live.
  18. Gravity, Lasers, L'Hospital,Relativity, String, friction are ALL theories. There are very, very few "certains" in the scientific world. They continue to remain theories until something will prove them wrong (and then they are usually corrected, not abandoned, to fit in with the larger theory).

    None of these things has been proved wrong....neither has evolution. Probability has NOTHING to do with proof.
  19. There isnt that amount of evidence.
  20. My opinion is that Evolution has a LOT more evidence than creationism as Christians believe does. Therefore, they should teach that. If you believe that God set up the whole process, then that's for you to find out.
  21. Intelligent design is a scientific theory being pushed right now by some pretty authoritative people.
  22. Theory means testable. Intelligent design is simply not testable.
  23. What is this the 1800s i thougt people had passed through this a long time ago.
  24. Creationism is a scientific theory, why should it be excluded?

    If they cant mention creationism because it sounds crazy to think that a higher being could have created earth, they shouldnt be teaching the theory that matter spontaneously appeared and formed the planets, either.

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