Schumacher is sport's king of charity

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    F1's retiring Michael Schumacher may have amassed an estimated fortune of $800 million, but according to BusinessF1 magazine, he also donates substantial sums to charity.

    The magazine said Ferrari's 37-year-old donated a total of $50 million over the last four years, after several undisclosed hand-outs were uncovered in German public records.

    As well as donating $5.6m to UNESCO and $10m to the Asian tsunami fund, Schumacher reportedly funded hospitals in Bosnia, orphanages in Peru and schools in Senegal.

    The CNN-IBN publication, meanwhile, has found that he is the greatest sportsperson of the modern era, after a poll put Schumacher ahead of Roger Federer (42% of the vote) and Tiger Woods (9%).

    The German scored 49 percent.

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  2. There you go Mclaren777, what do you have to say about the devil himself now
  3. Oh +1 for the 'Greatest Sports Person of the Modern Era'
  4. you got him! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  5. The thing is, they had to dig up records to see this. He doesnt go and boast about it, he does it because he is a kind hearted person.
  6. He could literally give me $100 million and I wouldn't hate him any less.
  7. But he is helping the world become a better place, housing the houseless, teaching young kids helping people in hardship...and yet as a devote christian you still hope he dies.

    You are seriously one f*cked up person.
  8. I don't actually want him to die, but I wouldn't be sad if he did.
  9. maybe it is his wife telling him! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  10. This makes me puke and I'm sure his manager is behind this story....this all coincidentally came to the press all of a sudden???? yeah right....

    I wouldnt be surprised if it was actually his wife telling him.

    50 million on 800 million total isnt exactly crucial to miss now is it?

    This is nothing compared to what Ayrton Senna did in his time.
  11. Lmfao, only you could add a negative spin to this.
  12. The truth is out there
  13. Senna never came close to donating anywhere near 50 Million.
  14. No but he did a hell of a lot more than just donating money .
  15. And MS didn't?
  16. ƒagman and 666 know they are pathetic and will never be able to make 50 million over their life times, let alone give it all away to charity and be recognised as anyone.
  17. btw, how is Tiger Woods doing?
  18. Thanks to this man's ideas and name...........

    The Ayrton Senna Institute is the fulfillment of the F1 Tri-Champion's dream. The Institute's programs develop innovative social technologies that are implemented, evaluated and disseminated all over Brazil to offer human development opportunities for children and young people.
    Learn about the Institute's history and mission.Since its foundation in 1994, the Institute has helped transform the lives of 5.218,926 million children and young people.

    In cooperation with its allies, partners and other contributors, only in 2005 the Institute has been assisting 1.287,926 million children and young people, involving 72.136 educators, making partnerships with 8.244 schools, NGOs and universities, reaching 1.207 cities in 24 Brazilian states.
  19. but wasn�t this started by his relatives after his sudden death=
  20. He had this idea already before his death.
  21. schumacher isnt a bad guy for sure theres no reason to hate him. senna was something else though.
  22. You MS haters are pretty pathetic you know that?
  23. Exactly

    Now they are pulling bullshit from nowhere to put him down, just face the facts guys no matter how much you hate him the guy is a great in many ways.

    Numbers dont lie
  24. This is a just a pathetic leaked MS management press release to show MS really isnt that much of an @rsehole as people think.

    Well gues what....He is that much of an @RSEHOLE!

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