Schumacher is sport's king of charity

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Ferrarista01, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Ok dickhead learn to read:

    Information: BusinessF1 magazine, owned by Mr B himself
    Source: Uncovered in German public records.

  2. oh and you believe everything you there hasnt been a hint from Schumi management......COME ON...THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS..WAKIE WAKIE
  3. you can accept the fact that your argument went to Sh1t
  4. you people are so stupid....u just dont get it do ya.
  5. I think you're confused.
  6. Lol.

    Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaah...

  7. piss off MS was battleing w/ senna in a slower car in the early 90's. senna was awesome dont get me wrong, ppl just thought he god because he had an attitude and the way that he died.
  8. Dont insult Senna.

    MS cant even stand in his shadow.
  9. well, this has actually really changed my opinion on him, because i thought he was a douche... being worth 800million, i think theres a little more room for donation there, but so far he looks like hes contributing good amounts.
  10. hate, what a wonderful thing for a christian, isn't it ?
  11. He killed Mother Teresa. And Jesus. Harrison Ford is next.
  12. But its ok for you to insult a champ like MS. What standing do you have in life to make such great proclaims as who is shit and who aint. And jsut like a total ass you made this about competition, no one said MS was a bigger giver than anyone, we just posted some facts and ure argument went to sh*t and now ure pissed cause uve been proved to be a total dickhead (not to mention and arrogant prick).
  13. WTF? lol
  14. JagMan is officially one of the worst members we have.
  15. Because you people are stupid enough to even comment on what I say.

    That makes you double dickheads.
  16. I kind of agree on what Jagman is saying about Schumi giving 50mil out of 800mil....its not really a big deal IMO.
    I mean if you have 800mil giving away about 6% of it isnt to impressive. Still Schumi is my racing hero and all just pointing out that 50mil isnt that big of a deal when you got about 750mil more.
  17. weak.........
  18. Alot more people have ALOT more money and give it FAR less.

    Think about it, $50,000,000 in RECENT TIMES, in anyones language thats alot of money especially if your not the higest paid athlete in the world anymore.

    Why are there so many idiots on this site.

    Im not suprised by jagman, he remindes me of w00t who is also must be all the drugs
  19. then who is the best paid athlete now? he must surely still be top 3 or something.....

    indeed I cant help it....Nederwiet...........
  20. JagMan is like IAR, he just starts shit up for his own enjoyment. He's not being serious.
  21. unlike IAR, JagMan does make me laugh, in a positive way.
  22. Glad to be of service.

    And for the rest of you...stop taking everything so fckin serious...
  23. For me to POOP on
  24. Well here's my contribution to charity
  25. BEautiful.

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