Schumacher wins 5th world title

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    I can PM you the list if you like.
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    LOL...come on guys...Senna was the god of F1 and all forms of racing. Yes many people were good in the rain, but he would easily overtake people. he was Ayrton Senna. Stats don't prove ecerything remember. Senna was just the best. Basically, if you took Fangio,Prost,Senna,Shumi,and maybe Mansell or Hill or Stewart or Andretti in all of there primes and took em to Monaco or somwhere like that, Senna would take pole and lead all the way if they all had eqwual cars that they all knew how to drive sense obviously if they all had curre nt cars, Shumi would win sense he's used to them. This is my opinion, but i am a huge Senna fan so i have to stick by Ayrton's sied on this one. Fangio may give Ayrton some trouble, but in the end, Senna would come out on top and would give brazil something yet again to cheer for.
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    Senna hardly ever overtook anyone at Monaco.
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    he's indeed very good <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    It's true.
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    but he probably would of stayed in F1 with williams if he didnt die until 1998

    cos 1994: Schu won the title by 1 point from Hill, Senna is better then hill and is in the same car.

    1995: 1st or 2nd in championship probably

    1996: williams blitzed the championship and hill 1 if senna was villeneuve senna would of 1

    1997: Again williams won if senna was racing he would of won as well

    1998: Williams turned very shit and becoz of this reason he would of quit but take mind if he was still alive Renault might of stayed with Williams

    this isnt 2 tell reek that he is wrong im saying that senna was only near the end of his carreer cos he died in 1994 at race 3

    and he wasnt losing motivation
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    monaco or sum place like that is a street track and most street tracks like monaco r very tight and usualy only 10 overtakes in the 70+ lap race
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    I've read a couple biographies about Senna, and from what the authors wrote it actually does look like Ayrton was beginning to question his career. He switched to Williams for the two-fold purpose of getting back to winning ways and rejuvenating his own commitment.
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    $20 Million helped too...

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