Scientific Truth About Japanese Cars

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  1. these post have been lame.....i don't mind the ownage you do to r!ce fanboy and such, but stuff like this is pointless....
  2. The wrong picture was posted the first time n00bzilla. Don't get pissed off at me just because Nissan's interior was put together by Fisher Price.
  3. I don't even like 300ZX, or supra for that matter.....

    what does this "contribute" to the discussion of "asian car forum". If anything this post would be appropreate in MISC....
  4. That the Supra is superior to the 300ZX and everyone but you Nissan fanboys knows it.
  5. Nissan fanboy.....hmm....

    imo most of the mid 90s Japanese sportscar have been pretty overrated, so like I said, I don't really care for either of those.....

  6. I agree, the majority of them in the mid 90s were overweight and overpriced. However it wasn't all bad since in that time the Evo and WRX were released.
  7. the 300ZX looks like Stewacide/down syndrome
  9. i think you're all judging these cars too harshly; that is, judging them in 1990 dollars in 2004.

    how about judging them in 1990 for 1990? The 300ZX Turbo was slightly less expensive than the Corvette, an equal performer in a straight line and around the curves, far more refined, and different. Without the vices.

    The supra could run down a 3.6L 964 911 Turbo in most performance aspects for one fourth the price. And with comparable build.

    nowadays, a used Supra can fetch about 20 grand. Ok, so they dont' depreciate well, but what else can you get for 20k with 320bhp, RWD, a 6 speed, bulletproof reliability, with a taste of "different" to it, and massive tuning potential?

    you're judging these cars like they're the best in the world. They're not. They never were, nor were they ever meant to be (although nissan got a bit cheeky about how good the 300ZX was.) They were meant to be impractical, flashy high performance sports cars. Not XJ220's, not F40's, just fun conveyances that didn't have a problem turning a tire in aggression.

    And today, they make kickass second hand purchases. I mean, for 8 grand would you rather have a '94 300ZX Twin Turbo t-bar with a 5 speed and medium mileage, or a new Kia Rio?

  10. The 300ZXTT easily cost as much if not more than the Corvette. The last years of production the 300ZXTT cost $45,000. It wasn't faster than the Corvette in a straight line, particularly on the top end. The Corvette had 30hp more and weighed less.

    From a reliability standpoint the 300ZXTT scored average every year of production. The same as the C4 Corvette of the same model years. The only Japanese cars that were less reliability than the 300ZXTT were those raging pieces of shit, the RX-7, 3000GT, and Eclipse.

    And the ZX was more refined? B*tch please, that's just one of those bullshit intangible things you rice boys try to claim when there isn't any REAL WORLD claims to be made.
  11. You don't own a supra or a Z so why do you care, and what would you know.

    Enjoy all 215HP from your V8. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  12. the last gen f-bodies offer just about everything you listed in the 4th paragraph.
  13. And the LS1 F-body came out after all these cars died
  14. Oh burn! You got us!
  15. thanks for the update. haha. but no where in the fourth paragraph does it specify a year of car. besides i didn't post that to be argumentative, just as another possibility and i agree with him finding a car with all that criteria is rare.
  16. I wasnt just saying all these cars are old compared to a new 98 LS1 fbody. And yes i rather own a WS6 then a SS<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    leave the poor boy be i mean hes been smoked and waxed to a shine by supras so many times yet hes just afraid to admit it eh there drifty ol boy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    oh supras are garage queens eh my look at this daily driven supra OMG SUCH a garage queen...

    those 300ZXs and that supra in the garage look VERY much like those high hp vipers that i see that barely get driven.
  18. where the hell did you get a picture of my car from ?!?!?! ?seriously.
  19. "nowadays, a used Supra can fetch about 20 grand. Ok, so they dont' depreciate well, but what else can you get for 20k with 320bhp, RWD, a 6 speed, bulletproof reliability, with a taste of "different" to it, and massive tuning potential?"

    a toyota Celica Alltrac, sure it doesnt have 320 stock BUT its MUCH cheaper than the supra yet has the same mod potential and relibalility (i belive) and all for only 7k.
  20. really even though the WS6 doesn't have passion!
  21. Not to metion it has style to it.

    There was an AE86 in he paper not too long ago with 55K miles on it for $2600. I was considering buying that for a project and for a summer daily driver.

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