scientists find `habitable` planet near Urf

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  1. what? I'm IVF, and I'm 6'3", not particularly stupid, and I haven't really tested my ability to get a girl pregnant. But anyway, evidence for this statement?
  2. You're in vitro fertilized?
    Besides imprinting not happening in this process?
    A friend of mine is a professor in neonatal medicin. If anyone should have an idea about it it's him. He said it's not spoken of often.

    Imagine how tall and intelligent you would have been had you been concieved normally.
  3. you are a homosexual
  4. I'm a tube baby from some random sperm donor. My (biological) mom is 5'5" and the donor was apparently 6'. Even if I would have been taller, or smarter, I'm fine with how I am. 6'3" is ok with me, and 2250 on the SAT with zero prep and graduating fifth in my class with next to no effort is also pretty cool.
  5. to parallel the thread about the rutgers kid committing suicide, I am primarily attracted to men, h/o, I am currently dating a girl and I am sexually attracted to her. While I've dated twice as many guys as girls, I like the girl I'm currently with more than anyone I've ever been with.
  6. she knows your homosexual feelings?
  7. Wait, 0.9c? There's no way a sun sail could reach that speed, right?
  8. I guess you can count yourself lucky then.
  9. yeah. she knows everything I've ever done

    EDIT: that's both with a dude and drugs taken
  10. averaging -31 to -21 is not habitable to me
  11. just put on a puffy jacket
  12. yea hbeing gay makes you sterile
    we need breeders for this trip
  13. or I can just boink catherine and we'll have super tall, smart babies
  14. Solar sails are not the only way to propel a craft. And the sun is not the only possible energy source for one anyway. In theory, there's nothing stopping us from building a solar-sail-like craft that can reach those speeds. Of course, the first solar-sail craft was only launched last May, so its clearly beyond what's technologically feasible today.
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  16. facebook is your friend if you want to find pics of her. No nudes tho.
  17. I just took the numbers perviously posted. You should probably take that part with a big grain of salt, but if we take it as a given, then everything else follows ok from that.
  18. That speed is an optimistic theoretical estimate based on using solar winds/radiation and supplementing it with lasers/other tech to give it a lil boost. The main limiting factor in pure solar sails is the dwindling solar wind as you get away from the Sun, so by supplementing it you can possibly go MUCH faster.

    Even the most conservative estimates peg it at 25%, and plenty of people think somewhere between the 2 figures is reasonably possible.

    Even 25% would be enough to get 'er done though. You lose a lot of the slowing of time factor for the people on the ship, which makes things a lot harder, but you could still actually reach other solar systems that might be habitable.

    The fact that we've already found multiple rocky plants in the Goldilocks zone within reasonable distances leads me to believe we're going to find A LOT MORE. This one system has 3 planets that we could probably inhabit. 2 would be lame Mars like planets most likely, and one might be an Earth. If you prepared them for living on a Mars like environment, and they found an Earth... Awesome. If they found 3 Mars', then so be it. Still worth setting up a colony if it's so close. We gotta do it sooner or later... I vote for sooner.
  19. Ever think that one day they may decide to just make a large ship or groups of ships with the intent of the people living on the ship as they would a planet? In other words, say we don't have the tech to get there any quicker than 60 years. So, we send a large group of people there with the intent on breeding and raising the families on the ship. So, the next generation can colonize the planet.
  20. like waalllleeeeeee
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  22. did you read the whole article? There is no day/night cycle, so the face thats towards the sun is going to be VERY hot and the other side VERY cold. You can live in whatever temperature you want. The average temperature in the whole planet is -31, but thats just because it backside is so cold.
  23. That's one of the main/most feasible ways of doing it. Especially for really long distance planets. Like the kind that would take 500 years to get to and shit. A crazy way to go about things, but unless we figure out Warp Drive or some other magical ass shit, that's how it's gonna go down someday. Or possibly cryogenics if we get that down. One of the 2 for sure.
  24. Let's just build a Dyson Sphere and call it a day.
  25. Is that the first or the second day?

    When do we rest?

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