Scion TC to replace the Celica???

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  1. I talked to a guy at Toyota today and he said that the next gen. Celica is going to be based on the Scion TC! I am just wondering if anybody else has heard this and if its true. I really hope not!

    Sorry if this is a repeat thread.
  2. no

    in the US the celica is discontinued, while we get the tC
  3. and if the new Celica was based on the tC, that wouldn't be a bad thing... the Avensis platform is pretty stiff. but there will be no new celica.
  4. Yeah sorry I forgot to Specify. I am in Canada and Scion doesnt exist up here. So from what he said we get the TC badged as a Celica. And slightly modified.
    I like the Scion and everything but it doesnt quite live up to the Celica name IMO.
  5. from what MT says, yes.
  6. well, but all in all the tC isnt' a bad replacement for the Celica.

    you lucky dog! you get a new celica? hmm.
  7. True it isnt a "bad" replacement it just isnt a great replacement.

    We are lucky to get a new "Celica" but I would still give my left nut for a early 90s GT-Four.
  8. ST185? Or ST205?
  9. I am a little biased to the ST185 but both are nice. I like the styling of the 185 a little better for some reason. There are a few 185s around but they have been rat-bagged. I dont think alot of 185 owners understand what an amazing little car they have.
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    the scion tC will be sold in place of the celica in north america. the 8th gen. celica does kinda look like the scion, and is rumored to share the camry 2.4L(?) engine as well....i just hope the car doesnt turn into a lump of sh*t like the scion.

    scion: heavier camry engine, 2905 lbs.
    celica: 2425-2500 lbs

    they do share the macpherson front/double wishbone rear suspension, and they may share a platform to keep costs down...but im guessing the celica will be the performance oriented brother and the scion will go the way of the bling bling-my performance options consist of a wing, stickers, and catback car.

    here are some rumored pictures of celica gen 8, next to the tC
  11. No tC for Canada - can we keep the Celica?
  12. howbout discontinue both of them

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