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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Jan 3, 2009.

  2. We need a updated Hemistage pic.
  3. I cant believe I even made that first one! I dont have a good pic of me lately. Ill get one tmw
  4. hay shw mre skn guise!!!
  5. omg, ur like mexican
  6. half filipino. I get pretty tan in the summer though
  7. like 6'5" - 6'6"

    350ish lbs

    best bench was 545 before pec tear and a 745 squat...

  8. be a pro wrestler
  9. Thats not me, its my friend.

    Im 6' and 265 lbs

    best bench is 335-350

    best squat is 475

    best deadlift is 606

    best standing military press is 245 (now its probably only 225)
  10. oh.

    then you have no future. Your friend should be a wrestler, not you
  11. whats with all the mustaches? WTF
  12. o ya wel hw abot i giv u a squat tear huh niga?
  13. holy shit dude! epic moustacheness
  14. Together with Robot Jim you have like the most kickass mug of
  15. I'll look for a pic
  16. wee need a pic of you to see how obese you are, fattie
  17. there has to be a more update image of you, Hemi..?
  18. In a big file of the French secret services labeled high priority, probably
  19. haha!
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  21. man it's too big to fit in the frame lol
  22. This must be the only updated photo I have from 2006 (the original photo in black and white dated from 2001), consider it as old anyways because I am not 28 anymore but turned 30 the last 30th november.
  23. You know, you became a lot more modern. We moved from the 1930's to the late 1970's in only 7 years. Which means, in another 10 years, if it's a linear thing, we'll see what mankind will look like in the future. Sick.
  24. I have a friend of mine who works for the DGSE, so I wouldn't worry.

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