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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. You might not be a fop but you're not getting the most out of your scotch.
    Sorry to say.
  2. I've been served a scotch numerous times in the regaled tulip shaped glass, and I don't find there to be any appreciable difference. IF there is one, it's beyond my palate to detect. As such, I believe no one but the most anal and annoying of scotch aficionados can actually tell the difference, and thus most people who tout the tulip glass are just being extra for the sake of foppery.
  3. I find it makes an appreciable difference to the smell...not so much to the taste. Never really considered glassware to be much of a fashion statement though.
  4. less a fashion statement, more of a snobby accessory. same as those douches who refuse to light a cigar with a cigarette lighter.
  5. This is pretty much it, and smell is pretty important.
    It's every bit as relevant to drinking good wine from the 'right' glass.
  6. Another point of needless snobbery.

    As I have a wife now, yes... I have appropriate crystalware for red, white, and sparkling wines. But I grew up with a sicilian family drinking all wine from one of these, and it has always been the "right" way as far as I'm concerned.
  7. I don't know why, but for some reason i've always loved drinking wine out of regular glasses without stems.

    Now it's becoming a "thing." I blame pinterest, and instagram, and all that.
  8. the "stemless" reidel Cabernet glasses are just a fancied up version for the entry-level sonoma valley wine snobs of the normal casalingo wine glass i posted.
  9. We're discussing $100+ bottles of whisky. The snobbery card became irrelevant a long time ago.
  10. Perhaps
  11. Maybe snob is the wrong word. Hipster? That fits better. I would describe it as a "little" bit of knowledge can be a bad thing. Kind of a... not quite knowledgeable enough to actually be a snob, but definitely shooting for it, and just hipster enough to have found a niche outside the norm to justify their pomp.
  12. I wouldn't ever go to the trouble to specifically wash a glass for any beer/wine/spirit just so that I had the "right" one but if I'm cracking a pilsner and there is a nice clean pilsner glass sitting there I'll probably pick it up first.
  13. lol ok wheelman
  14. can it kyle
  15. lol if anything drinking wine from a stemless glass is hipster
    cork's pinterest alluded to this
    stop throwing around the word like you know what it means
  16. That's what I just said! Drinking wine from a stemless wine glass is hipster. Drinking wine from MY kind of wine glass is proper.
  17. Hipsters drink PBR and Oly from the can.
  18. As a certified beer snob what's your opinion on PBR?
  19. oh
    your hipster stemless glass?
  20. Pale yellow adjunct lager. All the normal stuff that implies, though slighly more hop character than most other AALs in its category. So I'd say it's a hair above the rest on that measure. I also like drinking it as it's not a BMC product and isn't owned by people that are actively trying to destroy the shit I like.
  21. no no, my proper ones.
  22. ah your proper hipster glasses
    one step away from a jar
  23. jars are lame
  24. The same guy who will only drink French wine and thinks a $70 bottle of whiskey is entry level thinks using appropriate glassware is a hipster thing.

    Using glassware that is deliberately inappropriate and calling everybody else wrong is a very hipster thing to do (and that's using the word's derogatory meaning).

    I have a Glencairn glass I purchased for a few dollars a few years back. It really does make a difference to the nose.
    I've also used it for brandy, because I don't have a snifter.

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