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  1. That's something a hipster would say.
    You're a hipster, and you're lame, and you're gay.
  2. Lighting cigars with a lighter is only acceptable if you smoke cigarillos. Bigger cigars need to be lighted with the wood provided in the cigar box.
  3. I ain't no V
  4. I like Johnny Walker Black, red isn't worth a dime though. my current Laphroaig or whatever it is called fits my needs right now.
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  6. nothing wrong with using the cedar , but matches or a butane torch work fine too ...
  7. Talisker 18 is the best i've ever had and I'm not sure I could find something better.
  8. I do things my way.
  9. But why belittle everyone elses way
  10. Just sharing opinion.
  11. Tactfully
  12. You're the king of tact.
  13. Liguing cigars with a bic lighter does take away some of the flavor. If youre smoking some knockaround 3-4 dollar cigar who cares but if youre lighting a 15 dollar stick then you just ruined it
  14. Haha youre probably the only person who's been offended by me on here since I've been actively posting
    And that makes me laugh
  15. i hate that butane flavour when i'm smoking the greasy resin out of a dirty bowl i don't own.
  16. How does it take away flavour?
  17. Don't give yourself so much credit. You annoy me, not offend me.
  18. It doesnt take away other flavors per say but you end up tasting the cheap butane along with the cigar. If im smoking an expensive cigar then I wouldnt want that taste
  19. I prefer the taste of quality high priced butane.
  20. Actually you cant taste it
  21. I can. I have very refined tastes.
  22. I've actually had several distillers tell me that tasting spirits out of a tulip-shaped glass is a bad idea, as the alcohol becomes concentrated as it moves up the glass and overpowers your olefactory senses when you smell it. You also aren't supposed to swish spirits around in your mouth for similar reasons, which, as someone who primarily drinks beer and wine, is a really hard habit to break.

    Anyway, I'm with Wheelman on this one. I'll take my whiskey in a rocks glass, please (I don't care what anyone else uses, though.)
  23. well good
    but i wouldnt call a 'malignant tumor' an annoyance
    or, i wouldnt call something that annoys me a malignant tumor lol
  24. It's insignificant, and you shouldn't be sucking on a cigar to light it anyway.
  25. I've had the 10 and it is very impressive. I'll keep an eye out for the 18. Did you find it at the L?

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