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    These are the people who make Bowmore using tulip glasses while sampling some of their whisky.
    It's almost universal across most whiskey distilleries across the world that the distillers use a glass of that shape.
    Most of the taste tests that distilleries do in Scotland use tulip glasses.

    Using rocks glasses for spirits is an Americanism.
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  3. I've enjoyed a few and am actually looking to add my next bottle or two in a few weeks.

    Johnny Walker Red
    Johnny Walker Black
    Johnny Walker Double Black
    Johnny Walker Gold
    Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve
    Lavagulin 16
    Glenlivet 12
    Glenlivet 15
    Dewars White Label
    Bowmore Islay Single Malt 12 yr old
    Makers Mark 46
    Crown Royal Reserve

    I'm sure there is a few I'm missing.
  4. I can definitely see that being the case. I found my enjoyment of spirits increased considerably after I was told to approach it very slowly, and see how the odor changes as you get closer and closer to it, and to sip just enough to coat the tongue. I suppose you could do the same with a tulip, but you'd have to approach it REALLY carefully.

    In any case, I drink my spirits out of the rocks, too, because I don't have a tulip. I'd like to at least try one and see how it is, though.
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    Have seen that , never tried it , any good ?

    I got the one I posted but found it way too sweet.
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    Yup. I got my tulip glasses at the Aberfeldy distillery in Scotland when I was there a couple years ago (going back in May of this year). They don't have rocks glasses there.
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    Tulip glasses and snifters do annoy me though because while they capture the aroma and smell of the whisky they are the wrong shape to drink and smell at the same time. Maybe my face is the wrong shape for properly appreciating whisky but I find them a pain to drink from.

    I much prefer an tumbler as it doesn't hold the vapours in the glass and I can appreciate the smell when I drink it.

    The most annoying thing is when you go to a whisky tasting at a distillery or festival and you are told how to drink it as if any other way ruins it. By all means suggest a 'good way' to drink it, I'm happy for the distiller to tell me how they enjoy their whisky. But don't tell me that any other way is wrong.

    There is no wrong way, it's all about personal taste.
  8. I enjoy snickering at the douchebags who carry around a bottle of spring water and an eye dropper so they can put exactly just the right amounts of water needed to ameliorate each individual scotches bouquet needs.
  9. Enjoying glass of Laphroaig 10 now

    There was something I had in Australia once. If I remember right it was a Scotch, about 60% vol, a distinct - almost citrus-like flavour and really warmed you up after a sip. Can anyone think what if might have been? I'd love to buy another bottle but just can't remember the name of it
  10. where do you frequent that you run into these types ?
  11. douchebag tasting events
    douchebag bars
  12. I guess that explains why wheelman was there ...

  13. zing
    i think itd be cool to a bar that took stuf that srsly
    none in my area
    probly plenty in sf
  14. I do this for scented candles.
  15. Cigar bars will have them, as scotch and a cigar tend to go together (or so I've heard from people who actually like cigars). I'll have a scotch on the rocks at a cigar bar as it's just easier to do that worry about pouring a bit of water in there.
  16. I'm not an expert by any stretch but there are differences between Irish and Scotch. Irish whiskey feels much softer than scotch. That's because Irish whiskey is generally distilled three times while Scotch twice. Scotch whisky is dried with smoke, giving it the stronger taste.
  17. I more or less live in the Mecca for hipster douches, and I have never seen nor heard of this.
  18. You moved to Portland?
  19. Portland definitely wins in terms of straight hipsters, but I think SF has enough additional douches (mostly in tech) to win the hybrid hipster douche crown.
  20. So what I gather from your first sentence is that SF wins in terms of gay hipsters.
  21. By "dried with smoke" you are referring to the part of the malting process where they stop germination of the barley. Peat is often used because of it's abundance in Scotland.

    This is pretty much the opposite of American whiskeys, where they impart a smoky flavour in the aging process.
  22. I do like Scotch Whisky.
    my current stock is as follows:
    johnnie swing
    johnnie red
    johnnie black
    johnnie double black
    johnnie green
    johnnie blue
    johnnie premier (not sure what its supposed to be)
    chivas regal 12 year
    chivas regal 21 year royal salute
    Glenfiddich 12 years
    Glenfiddich 30 years

    my everyday drinking to get drunk would normally be johnnie walker red label, black label for like BBQ or dinner and having a few drinks, and chivas regal 12 if I'm feeling slightly fancier.
    johnnie walker green label is fantastic, because it is a blended malt versus grain/malt blend of the rest of johnnies. I need to stockpile more as it has been discontinued.
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  24. I had this bottle. Mine didn't say "denmark" on it, I got them through a local importer. Finished it a couple months ago. You'll note it's cask strength. Despite the expectations I had thanks to its 140$ pricetag, I didn't much care for this bottle. I found it sharp on the tongue and boring on the palate. I tried adding small amounts of water, which made a small improvement, but still left me bemoaning the price of this boring and unpleasant scotch.

    However, one day I had a friend over, and we were hanging by the bar for a scotch after work. He flew C-130's for the air force and now he flies for Air Canada, still active in the military as a reservist air advisor. He said "give me a glass of your worst", so I grabbed the Bunnahabain. When asked how he liked his scotch, he said "with 3 ice cubes". I looked at him quizzically and said "ice in single malt scotch?." He smiled and leaned back and said "it's how I like it. Have you ever tried it?" And embarrassingly I realized that no I never had because I had listened to all the instructional snobbery of self-actualized scotch experts. So I had mine with ice as well, although I was a little skeptical and just had one cube.

    I tell you, that instantly became my favourite bottle. It was brilliant with just one ice cube. The coldness taking the edge off it and as it melted and mixed it opened up the flavours. It was fantastic. I enjoyed every drop of the rest of the bottle.

    Sometimes a good single malt scotch is even better with ice, and to hell with the eye-dropping tulip-glass sipping douchebags.
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