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  1. had chivas regal 12 today in a clothing store(!)

    was pretty nice
  2. It's cask strength.
    You're meant to add water to it to bring it down to a palatable level of alchohol.

    There's nothing wrong with it being "On the rocks." Although some whiskys are more suitable than others. During the hot summer months, there's nothing better.

    My absolute favourite whisky to drink on the rocks is Dalwhinnie 15. It has a rather fresh smelling, slightly sweet taste on ice, and the finish (after taste) is pleasant and very long lasting.
  3. I pretty much exclusively drink cask strength whiskey on the rocks. It really, really makes a difference.
  4. I feel that whiskey is like beer and wine in that there is a great diversity and what's good for one may not be good for another. Some whiskeys shouldn't be diluted a bit, but some really won't reach their potential until they're a bit cooler, or have some water in them. In the end, of course, drink what you like and don't sweat it if some nurd thinks it's the wrong way to do it.
  5. Scoth on the rocks, a favorite, especialy with cask strenght scotch.

    This is my current favorite:
  6. I opened a bottle of Laphroaig 18-yo and all I could taste was smoke. So I tried the Wheelman trick and added an ice cube. It worked!

  7. Wheelman congrats to you on inventing scotch rocks
  8. Kinda funny , I goy those stones as a gift from my sister this weekend

  9. Scotch on the rocks was a lost concept for the younger generations. Too much hipster diddling with tulip-shaped glasses and eye-droppers and overbearing attitudes and stages of sniffing. With so many people focusing on exacting levels of fully appropriate methods of employing a glass of scotch, people are forgetting to just pour it over some ice and enjoying a glass of scotch!

    Luckily I'm here to keep it real.
  10. I drink scotch with Brio. Das wassup
  11. i drink it al fresco
  12. Two new additions to my collection today.
  13. Tell me about the 40 Creek. I know nothing about that distillery.
  14. I got about 2 drinks left in a bottle of Maker's.

    Does that count for anything?

    I bought it when I got sick so I could make a hot toddy. I almost never buy liquor other than gin. Say what you will.
  15. if you want some let me know.
  16. I don't know if it's been mentioned yet cuz I didn't read this thread, but McCallen sells a stupid expensive Ice sphere maker. The reason for this is it melts absolutely even (provided you buy really expensive fancy Ice) and stays intact for much much longer thus preserving the character of the scotch from start to finish.

    Only plebs use plain ice cubes.
  17. Sounds gh3y
  18. The best old fashioned i ever had featured a huge "king cube" which barely melted but keptthe drink cold. It was awesome
  19. Just got given a bottle of Glenlivet Master Distiller's Reserve. Had a quick tuck in before bed and it's pretty good.
    Will sample more tomorrow.
  20. I am not a fan of any Glenlivets, which I guess is further expanded to not being a fan of Highland malts in general. There are only a very few I would buy.

    But they are super popular, so I guess it's just my palate.
  21. I almost bought the Glenlivet 21 yesterday as well at a retail of $150. I avoided it for now but it's something I may add soon having a 15 and 18 year old before.
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    It's got some good stuff.

    I also have a bottle of the Confederation Oak that's about 3/4 finished. I missed the John's Private Cask offering sadly.

    Review about the Port Wood:

    One more that discuss the Port Wood & it's other offerings:
  23. I think the 12 is one of the best bangs for the buck here. Here it probably retails for 40% less than any scotch I'd consider to be decently better. It's that scotch I always try to have on hand for those occasions when you know you're going to share the majority of the bottle in a night.
    But free is also free.
  24. Potentially. People seem to have said some good stuff about it...

    I think the balance due is still toward your favor, though, so I should really send you something to make that up before we even start talking about you sending me anything!

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