Scots vs. English vs. Irish

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by stewacide, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Okay yeah I get ya. Do you mean regarding the amount of culture when compared with France/Spain etc.?
  2. Because they're more like Americans than anything else.
  3. Yeah, England is kinda cultureless.
  4. Ah right now, I will agree. These days, it is.

    Historically too, Western Europe has really been radically different from Eastern Europe (I mean the UK, France, Germany, etc. and not other smaller countries).

    P.S. Scottish > Others. (My GF is Scottish so I have no choice <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>)
  5. I think the UK in general is pretty cultureless. I personally find big cities in Southern Ireland to be quite rich with culture, whilst Northern Ireland has pretty much gone to shit thanks to sectarian and religious conflict...

    Just out of interest, have you ever visited Dublin/Galway?
  6. A) Having lots of kids is a sign of poverty, rather than awesomeness.

    B) There are lots of Irish there because they were all wet and ran away instead of sticking around to fight off the English.

    C) If they couldn't fight off the English, they obviously weren't more hardcore/awesome than them anyway.
  7. No, but I've been meaning to visit Galway.
  8. stfu and go snowboarding.
  9. The cretin running this country is a Scot and so is most of his cabinet.
  10. I did, I was in Collingwood yesterday giving lessons.
  11. That pic of the Irish flag is wrong you #$%#ing retard.
  12. I agree with this post.
  13. All of the UK is better than Aus/NZ. It goes... Scotland > Wales > Ireland > England >>>>>>> Aus/NZ (same shit) > South Africa
  14. Technically Northern Ireland is part of the UK(not for long <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> ) The Republic of Ireland is NOT part of the UK. End of!!
  15. I dont know how you figured that out.
  16. I also agree with this post. Ireland is very rich in culture, England isnt apart from the whole queen sh1t which is the biggest load of bollox
  17. Because England is like America, just with an accent. And Ireland, is full of white trash. Even though they're part of Europe, they're not European. They're shit.
  18. LMAO, your a muppet. Main land Europe is full of trash, all differnt colors of it too. Its nothing but a pile of queers floating around drinking moachas with their scarfs. Bunch of poofs if you ask me.
  19. Really .. so which Irish flag was used when creating the Union Flag ?
  20. Who gives a #$%# about the union flag you mongoloid. The Irish flag is as below.
  21. duh, English obviously.

    the scots and irish suck
  22. lol, see... you sound JUST LIKE THE AMERICANS! England sucks.
  23. Yes I agree......England and all English suck!!
  24. I know what the Irish flag looks like.
    Thats not what I asked.

    That diagram on the first page correctly shows where the Union Flag came from.
    The Kingdom of Ireland merged with the UK by the Act of Union of 1801 and that flag was the flag of the Kingdom of Ireland at the time.
  25. The Diagram on the first page shows what the English wanted the Irish flag to look like, not what the Irish poeple wanted there flag to look like. The real and only Irish flag which has any meaning to the Irish poeple is the one I posted hence it the right/only Irish flag.

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