Scottsdale/Phoenix Car Photos Part II

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    Thanks. I have a program that gets it about 80-90% of the way there, but there's always flaws I have to fix. Sometimes they're minor, sometimes they're major. On something like that D-Type shot they're usually not awful, but in this 250LM photo there was a LOT of work to be done after, including recreating some stretches of the road and such.[email protected]/20445417908/in/dateposted-public/
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    almost looks like a toycar <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> all done in photoshop or did you use some tilt lens?
  3. Depends what you mean by "all done in Photoshop". I didn't use a tilt shift lens and I didn't alter the DoF at all in post, but like that other image it's a stitched photo, allowing for a shallower DoF by allowing me to capture more of the scene while being closer to the subject.
  4. What's the 10-18 STM like? I don't shoot FF but I want a wide angle.

    The all plastic body is off-putting (the kit lens has a plastic mount, too) but I'd more happily overlook that if it was sharp.
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    Reading the letters on the headlamp ahahaha
    So amazing
  6. I didn't bother doing right click => save as, and it crashed my browser
  7. i really like the dof. very pleasing to the eye
  8. Yeah chrome hung for about 5-6 seconds
  9. Awesome. I can't recommend it highly enough. For the money, it's very, very hard to beat. In terms of image quality it's up there with some of the best wide angle lenses. It's a new lens, so the IS is very good and the STM focusing is very impressive. So fast and silent that I thought my copy was broken at first because I didn't think the autofocus was doing anything at first.

    I wish it was faster and had a metal mount, but for the price it can't be beat. The build quality still isn't bad at all and it doesn't feel cheap.

    Buy a refurbished one off Canon's site and be very happy with they decision.

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  11. The Ferrari shot. yes plz.
  13. I don't normally like to post photos of myself, but I think stanghulk may get a kick out of this.

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  14. Rock on with Billy Gibbons! Awesome man! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. I knew you'd recognize him. Flew out to LA (first class on someone else's dime) to photograph him and some of his cars for a magazine. Spent some time at his house, then drove with him to have lunch at a BBQ place, then we drove together to a hot rod shop for some more photography and to meet a guy he's doing a TV show with. Spent pretty much all day bullshitting with him and taking some photos. Nice guy. Best part is I got paid for doing all of that, too, haha.

    EDIT: Oh, AND, on top of that, I came home with a book, CD and Cuban tres pesos note (all from BFG) and a shirt, koozie and stickers (from the hot rod shop) along with a copy of the previous issue of the magazine. Even better, this is a client I'll likely be doing more and more work for in the future.
  16. Nice! Really nice for you, and he looks like a cool dude too!

    I'm jealous.
  17. I concur with JM, in that I am pretty jealous right now.
  18. is that the guy who died a couple years ago who had his hot rod show on discovery?
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    I think you're thinking of Boyd Coddington, who had a hot rod shop and TV show and stuff. This is Billy F Gibbons, the front man of the band ZZ Top and a pretty well known custom/hot rod owner who has a pilot for a new show coming up on Discovery on the 29th.

    Chances are you know this song:
  20. I thought it was a ZZ Top guy due to the beard, but I have no idea of their names.
    I want to say Dusty? is one of them
  21. Billy Gibbons

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  24. Jesus!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  25. That Alfa TZ is fantastic

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