Scratchbuilt 936 turbo... must see

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  2. That's insane
  3. holy balls
  5. thats VICIOUS

    i used to be into model cars, then i foudn out real cars are way more fun
  6. soooo awesome but equally useless
  7. lol
  8. oh cool
    a lego car

  9. The model is finished now, final pictures have been added to that thread.

    The amount of detail is just ridiculous.
  11. cool
    wonder how much that costs. would love to have a model like that built of a triumph.
  12. Why a Triumph? If you're going to be spending that much money on a scale build car you might as well pick something more rare and exciting.
  13. what Triumph?
  14. would have been a fifties Ferrari if I owned one...
  15. TR3. Ive posted pics on here before. blue with yellow mouth
  16. theres loads of kits for TR3's though. you can easily buy and modify one to your liking

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