Scuderia vs GT2 vs LP560

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by HeyHuub, Nov 1, 2008.

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  2. good article. And glad they didnt just base everything off of laptimes and drag races.
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  4. I would still have the Gallardo. Just because I think I would not notice the things the testers do since I wouldn't be pushing the car as hard. It sounds like the easiest to drive and live with, and it's the best looking imo.
  5. exciting all right id take all three cause, well if you dont ya pretty dumb
  6. too bad youll never have any of them.
  7. 1-LP560
  8. rather have a corvette lingenfelter 427 tt and a hennessy viper venom tt
  9. LP560 by a long shot for me
  11. Scuderia by a long way
  12. i would
  13. amen to that, 1000 bhp and no traction, woot woot!
  14. but seriously............ GT2 ftw
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  16. thats a big part of the problem
  17. Scuderia. No doubt.
  18. most of us cant read that.
  19. The LP560-4, it's ability in all conditions is attractive, even if it doesn't have the cornering of the much more track-focused Scuderia. Heck, even the old Superleggera had softer springs than the stock to account for the lost weight and to retain road tractability; any road surface, rain or shine, the LP560-4 is easily the best all-rounder. An LP560-4 Superleggera would be incredible, sharper handling with stiffer springs, revised dampers, etc, better braking/entry and exit out of corners, and savage acceleration due to the 5.2 liter v10 and pared down weight. It would do Lambo good to give the brakes more feel and progression, but there is so much more potential for the LP560-4 since road-capable racer is what the other two are (less so for the GT2, but it has a roll cage and fully adjustable suspension for crying out loud). The LP560-4 is quite simple an excellent road car and a far better one than the other two, it's in its element on the public road. Praying for a LP560-4 Superleggera, best of both worlds
  20. what problem that there two compleaty awsome cars???
  21. LP560 for me
  22. I'll take the Scuderia thanks.
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