Second Gumpert model on the way

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    I'm really excited to see this.

    The new Gumpert Tornante designed by Touring Superleggera will debut at the 2011 Geneva motor show on March 1, the company said on Monday.

    Gumpert, the German automaker, commissioned Italy's Touring Superleggera to design the two-seat Tornante. The car will be powered by a V8 and will be constructed using composite body panels and a carbon-fiber monocoque.

    The Tornante will be Gumpert's second model. The Apollo was the German company's first street-legal car.
  2. Can't wait, loved the Apollo
  3. High expectation for performance, low expectation for styling.
  4. Seriously looking forward to this one.
  5. I got high hopes.
  6. rather it was totally functional and badass than some hideous trout-face like the new pagani.
  7. I loved the Apollo aswell, shame the new gumpert doesn't have an Audi V10 instead of V8!
  8. i bet it'll be hideous
  9. Hideously awesome
  10. I still don't know why so much people hate the current Gumpert lookswise.
  11. Maybe because it looks like shit.
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  13. because they never saw it IRL

    It isn't sexy but it looks good and well built.
  14. Almost as visually displeasing as a Chevy Montana.
  16. It's not that awesome.
  17. First SSC tried (successfully, I might add) on having a decent design. Let's see if Gumpert can achieve something decent too, now that it isn't designed by a Beetle-maniac!
  18. Another lover of the current Apollo. Function over form.

    'commissioned Italy's Touring Superleggera'.......... This should be very interesting. Loved that A8GCS Berlinetta they did!
  19. That was sex on wheels. Wire wheels...
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  21. the original multipla was awesome.
  22. am I the only one thats always thought the gumpert looked good? Its badass.

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