Second TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (Road)

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  1. that color would ever only work on a TVR, and it works amazingly well.
  2. Somehow, yes
  3. maybe not the same shade, but the diablo looks like sex with wheels in purple.
  4. all lamborghini's and chrysler muscle cars from the late 60's/ early 70's work in purple.
  5. Agreed.

  6. My favorite color for this car.
  7. A few pics of the Speed 12 (concept) before it was reincarnated as the Cerbera speed 12. Like I said, TVR, were never known for their house keeping.

  8. isnt the second picture just a mockup of 7/12 first used at a motor show, rather than a functional concept car?
  9. That engine is #$%#ing enormous
  10. Sound testing for 'Forza;.....

  11. Yes Sir, unfortunately, the Cerbera Speed 12 mock was never saved either...

  12. According to the facebook page... 'Engine (for new speed 12) being put on the dyno now... should be up and running at the end of next week... 20th Jan. V12 - dry sumped, bespoke oil pump, lots of new internals, individual injectors (no plenum), balanced, massive air boxes. Should be fun and expecting huge amounts of power.'

    'Didn't get everything ready for the run yesterday... but won't be long.'

    And a picture awaiting paint...

  13. The car in the sound testing picture looks to be more complete? Is the car going to be TVR Racing Purple?

    Edit: can you link to the facebook page?

    This project is so exciting. I would love to see one or both of these beauties taken for a drive by evo.
  14. The sound testing car photo was from a number of years ago. Now that I think about it, I actually think they were recording for one of the Gran Turismo's, not Forza.

    All updates can be followed through here ->

  15. The highly modified Aston martin V12 engine that's going to be dropped in and a shot of some rear bodywork pieces that were saved from the factory. A final shot of the rear of the cars fab.

  16. It HAS to be pearlescent purple. yes it's tacky, but its a late 90s TVR. argument won.
  17. best looking spd 12..
  18. That's actually the worst looking, and I'm not talking about the colour alone.
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    Just to refresh, this is a road car.....

    (First 1:00 is sound only)

    Again, this is a road car....
  20. i have to agree with you pa
  21. Great news, the owner as stated in the pistonheads link will try to build a few more as a business interest. He says, could be around 150k €.
    What's your nickname on PH viper ? You a TVR owner as well?
  22. hows your TVR doing?
  23. My Tuscan is doing great thanks, I'm slowly improving the little things and everyone everywhere I go is loving it. I'll post pictures tonight :)
  24. congrats on the project
  25. Yeah, congrats all members who have not actually participated in this project!

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