Second TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (Road)

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  1. Hi G1zm0, I'm not a TVR owner, just a fan of the brand and especially the speed 12. I haven't posted over on PH in a number of years now but I believe my user was ViperBlue as well, I can't really recall. I still try to browse the pages from time to time. Good to read your car is doing well.

    Posted a few weeks back on the FB page...

    "Reflex Charcoal test paint...."

    "Green and purple hues look great but the black didn't work. I'm thinking of going for TVR racing purple after all that."

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    BHG was back out running around after a recent rebuild. It attended the Big Northern Gathering (TVR Car Club) 2012. Even though the car was running in the engine and kept it around 3000rpm, it did get upward of 150mph on some of it's runs.

  3. It's great to see BHG getting driven!! Can you tell us anything more about the rebuild? Was it primarily an engine rebuild? I understand that the owner who had the car during the evo test left a lot of ECU work unfinished.
  4. The GT1 Speed 12 shell and chassis surfaced recently and last week, was available for sale. The process of the sale was been done by sealed bids and it sounds likely that the car will be making it's way to Germany, to enter a private collectors collection. There is a speed 12 engine lying around in the UK however it is believed to be close to useless and would need a new block to be milled and a number of other new parts to be fabricated. Many were suggesting that if the car remains in the UK, it could use a highly modified Aston Martin or Jag V12 to keep it British.

    However, Nick Fisher on the Facebook page has posted this picture of an unused speed 12 engine (owned by the same German collector mentioned earlier) and states that there is more than one engine in the collection. Hopefully this will be reunited with the shell and chassis to rebuild the car in total.

  5. Wow, this is awesome! I thought 4 of 5 known blocks had been destroyed, but I guess that's not the case!

    It would be great if Graham could get a hold of one of these for his rebuild. I know he's put absurd amounts of work into the Jag V12, but still...
  6. If Graham got his hands on it, the world would be a better place! He was already talking about trying to fabricate the shell molds to have spare parts. From a friend over on

    "I understand the buyer is UK based and the car is going to be restored but the rest of the deal is private."

    I also believe that the engine pictured before has been purchased by the same UK buyer. This monster will live again.

  7. Update, painted in TVR racing purple

  8. Looks like it's going to be fully restored as a racing car.

    I love it when this happens. Can't believe it's appeared after all these years.
  9. Yes, this is wonderful
  10. From NICK FISHER from Facebook....

    Well well well! At first glance I thought this was W112BHG. However, under further scrutiny it turns out a THIRD Cerbera speed 12 has been commissioned by a business owner from Lytham. It isn't Graham's first or second car either; this is an entirely new car. So, there are now 3 Cerbera Speed 12s in existence, two utilising Aston Martin V12s. More details to follow!

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