seen this at sydney motor show

Discussion in '2004 HSV GTS-R Concept' started by violent g, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. i saw this at the sydney motor show and i reckon it's a copy of the stillborn HRT 427 concept from 2002, albeit with a smaller engine.
  2. I recon the real one will have a 7.0 liter engine if the zo6 gets it, no road car though but it could for shore start a one make series car. The 427 could have been scraped becasue they new the new seven liter engine was coming but we will see.
  3. nice car, i liked the look of the GTO and this follows similar lines.
  4. ???
    427 = 7.0L
  5. 427 cu in = 7.0L?
  6. Yes.
    350ci (and 346ci, the LS1) = 5.7L
    364ci (LS2) = 6.0L
    383ci = 6.2L
    396ci = 6.5L
    427ci = 7.0L
    454ci = 7.4L
  7. ture, but i think he's meaning the HRT427 (the one HSV threatened to build for some time before nancying out!!), not the 427ci engine..
  8. Actually

    427cu= 427*2.54*2.54*2.54= 6997.27633cubic cm's =6.99727633L
  9. Honestly man, I don't like to go negative, but shut up. Just..shut up. You know why no one said it was 6.997 Liters? Because they didn't care. And now that you've gone out and done the math for us, we still don't give a rat's ass. If your intent was to waste everyone's time, consider the mission accomplished.
    Now with that out of the way: Does anyone else think the hood scoops on this year's GTO look out of place? On a '68 is one thing, but the hood curves down so much on new cars it simply doesn't look right to me. Just an opinion though.
  10. The whole car does not look correct.
    Ive had it with HSv style, it;s hardly worth the time.
    Ifact im sick of holdens style, it's smart but so lazy and patchy
  11. it's supposed to be aggressive so people look at it and go wow.

    PaCman, you are right on that one, but who really cares about 3 mL, it's not like it makes much difference in performance IE none.

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