SEMA 2010 Corvettes

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by RLQ, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. there good
  2. Z06-X interior
  3. Damn. Freakin brilliant!
  4. i like how the car is completely stripped out, except for the dashboard that is completely stock. the worst part of the car and leaving it stock. ugh.
  5. An American Revolution™
  6. True this. And the tupperware "roof" doesnt fly off. You have to take it off.
  7. The ZR1 needs those seats
  8. Seriously, remove the crap and put some alcantara over it.
  9. Its a track car, not some pussy interior meant for limp wristed europeans...
  10. Do you even know what alcantara is?
  11. Yes I do. Like I said, its for some limp wristed eurotrash to fondle wile they never get out of second gear...
  12. Pooperware
  13. apart from the colours, that's perfect.
  14. There is an Eject button though..
  15. Oops. Missed that! Sorry lol
  16. agree

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