Send me some good vibes guys.

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  1. What an awful end of the day. :(

    It all start mid-day, my eldest son comes to see me in a panic mode saying "Dad, I cannot see anything from my right eye"

    Holly shit!

    I asked him what's wrong, he said he sees nothing, all black, woah!!!!!

    Jumped in the car and rushed him to an eye specialist. Arrived there and the specialist took use right away, passed in front of other patients that were waiting. It didn't take long for this awful news to came out. He said: " your son has a
    retinal detachment on his right eye, I'll send all the paperworks, scans to a specialized eyes hospital, he needs to be operated ASAP!! Tomorrow morning, that hospital will call you and bring him there as quickly as possible, if not he will loose his sight from that eye for good"

    OMFG!! I'm freaking out right now, even crying a bit.:(

    The eye doctor said not to worry, it's done often, he'll be fine tomorrow, but still this his my son here.
    I know that medical technology is far more advance than back like the 60's, but I have this little you know, I'm a bit worry.

    So please guys, send me some good vibes for my son, because, that's what I'm doing right now.
  2. i'm sorry to here that :( i don't think i've had something like this happen to me or anyone i know.

    did the doctors say the cause? any way to prevent something like this happening in the future?

    either way, good luck and i hope everything ends well for you and your family!
  3. The eye doctor said it's common for people to have this since he got high myopia.
    The doctor said, often, not to worry.
    It's pretty damn hard, for a father, not to worry, but I keep my spirit high in front of my son.
  4. ooh, damn. I totally get your worries JM. I really hope he'll be ok very soon. Man, that must be such a scary experience for him, loosing sight all of a sudden :( My thoughts are with you and your family.
  5. Detached retinas are pretty common and easily treated, so that's good. I know about that panic feel though. Even a fever puts me on edge. Hope everything turns out well for your son.
  6. That's very scary. But as mentioned. It is very common and can be fixed and usually heal to near 100%. Many many many people in the pugelistic sports suffer this injury. Eye pokes are most common causes
  7. very sorry to hear that. hopefully all goes beautifully tomorrow and he's good as new in a couple weeks.
  8. Damn, sucks to hear. I'm sure he'll be fine. Tell them to give him a robot eye like the Terminator so he can diagnose your car problems just by looking at it.
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    That does sound scary. Sending good vibes for your whole family
  10. Well that was yesterday. Hope it all turned out alright.
    How old is your son?
  11. Hope it all goes smoothly today man!

    Tell him to post here once he gets his vision back too.
  12. Hope the operation went as planned, fingers crossed and many a vibe to you. This is scary as hell.
  13. It sounds like he's gotten the prompt care this needs. Wishing all the best for a speedy recovery.
  14. woah that sucks, but at least it can be fixed. Didn't he had something similar lately?
  15. Yarly. We need PorscheSeb back
  16. Thanks for the good words guys.
    Got the call and we're on our way to the hospital

    See you all later

    Idol, my son is 22 years old.
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  17. Oooh that sounds awful. Good luck to your son!
  18. Good luck and stay strong!
  19. Damn, that sounds quite intense.. Good luck and speedy recovery!
  20. Do they know how it happened? Did he take a hit on the head or did it just *happen*?
  21. it can just happen. apparently he has another issue that can cause this one.
  22. Man, the world is scary.
  23. oh, your son's 22? this might just have been me but i thought he was way younger. either way i hope it all goes well and i'm glad he didn't do what i would have done and just driven myself to the ER.
  24. Thanks again guys, it's really appreciated.
    Didn't sleep at all last night, so tired.
    Today was mostly test after test after test, from 10:30am to 4:30pm.
    After all those tests, 5 in fact, yes it's bad, but can be cured to 90% of getting his vision back.

    His "real" operation is tomorrow morning (Thursday May 5) @ 8:00AM, my time

    That hospital is top notch. It really shows that they know what their doing. No wonder it's THE
    place for anything regarding eyes. From the reception right down to the appointment, everybody was
    very supportive, caring for the well being of my son. My girlfriend and I, we were very worried, cried too, both of us,
    but there was always someone to tell us: "Don't worry, he'll be fine, we WILL take good care of him". Earing this
    was very reassuring. We know now that he's in good hands.

    Looks like I won't sleep much tonight, oh well, there's always coffee, right?

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