"Senso" Concept Car

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    Rinspeed and Bayer MaterialScience Develop "Senso" Concept Car

    The automotive sector can look forward to a world premiere on March 1, 2005 when the renowned Swiss car designer and solution specialist Rinspeed and Bayer MaterialScience, one of the largest producers of plastic in the world, will be presenting their ideas and visions for the next generation of cars with the "Senso" concept car.
    Lateral thinking, looking at things from a new angle, thinking out of the box and feeding the senses – sight, touch, feel, smell and hearing – these are major elements of the development work that has gone into the "Rinspeed Senso". Its name reflects what it actually does. The "Senso" "senses" the driver and adjusts to him/her. This is especially important as the risk of an accident is significantly reduced if the person behind the wheel is relaxed and wide awake.

    This project also involves a sophisticated system of sensors developed by the Universities of Zurich and Innsbruck. Smart Surface Technology, a new 3D-formable electroluminescent film from Bayer MaterialScience and the Swiss electronics specialist Lumitec, uses biometric data and other information to create an appropriate level of light for the driver, thereby having a positive effect on him/her.

    The environmentally friendly "Senso", which runs on CO2-reducing natural gas, puts the central focus on the driver as an individual and appeals to the emotions thanks to its unusual design. It also features an innovative outer skin coating.

    "Senso" is sure to polarize opinions. And that is precisely what it is designed to do.

    The following partners are also involved in the "Senso":

    - Aerotechnik AG - www.aerotechnik.ch
    - Continental AG - www.conti.de
    - CWS/HTS Suisse SA - www.cws.com
    - Esoro AG - www.esoro.ch
    - Foliatec Böhm GmbH - www.foliatec.de
    - in.pro. Herstellungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH - www.in-pro.de
    - Gasmobil AG - www.erdgasfahren.ch
    - Microsoft AG - www.microsoft.ch
    - MP Design - www.mp-design.com
    - Recaro GmbH - www.recaro.com
    - Remus Innovations GmbH - www.remus.at
    - KW automotive GmbH - www.kw-gmbh.de
    - Protoscar SA - www.protoscar.ch
    - X-Mobil GmbH - www.xmobil.de
  2. very unique, awesome, ugly
  3. how does rinspeed actually make money? because they keep designing concept cars, but I don't see anyone buying them
  4. F*cking ugly. Only people who gonna buy this car are the people who work in that company lol
  6. I believe rinspeed is a consutancy firm. Car companies hire them to solve problems and develop technologies. The concept cars show what they are capable of.
  7. rolling rectangle.
  8. What the hell is that!?
  9. They also do some tuning/stylling of Porsches. (Do they do other cars too?)

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