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  1. Just got back from three weeks in Seoul. I actually got to travel around a bit, headed south quite a ways.

    ...also headed north and got to step into North Korea via the JSA tour. Got some pics of North Korean soldiers.

    Hiked up a few mountains, two during the day, one at night by myself.
    The one at night apparently is behind the blue house, aka, the white house of Korea. It was a moonless night and I was taking pictures of the city along the city wall (ancient wall that protected the city)

    ...well, turns out there is a military outpost up there and when I stepped into the only light and saw some barbed wire, a dude said in broken English "mountain closed".

    It was awesome.

  2. I'll check back in with you guys in several months. Busy.
  3. Korea is the best. Spent a year there. Would love to go back and live there an even longer period of time.
  4. how are the korean woman
  5. Korean culture is one of the least interesting of all to me. Perhaps I need to discover more about it...
  6. WOMEN
    not "culture" or "social" bullshit

  7. My brother-in-law married one. So probably pretty good. She seems nice and he speaks fluent Korean.
  8. Korea is the best.

    Lived there for a bit, studying abroad there this summer and I can't wait.

    Girlfriend is Korea - her dad is intimidating as #$%# but she is the coolest person ever.

    Korea is the best.
  9. Human.
  10. so human after all
  11. hot

    well the hot ones are hot ...
  12. Can't wait for the Olympics in Pyeongchang when everyone will believe it's in the capital of North Korea.
  13. Korea makes me think of these.

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  14. That's because you don't seem like you received an education.
  15. No, I received it. It was sent UPS Next Day Air.
  16. We already know you got an education. You reassured us in the other thread, and I take your word for it. What I'm saying is that you don't SEEM like the kind of person who is educated based on what we see of your online demeanour and standard of reasoning.
  17. It's not my fault you aren't good enough to keep up.
  18. Korean girls are hot as hell

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