serious who would buy one?

Discussion in '1966 Dodge D/Dart Super Stock' started by Black Sunshine, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Ok... this truck... is nothing short of awesome. I'd buy one in a heart beat if I had the cash. If this truck costs 90 grand, then it's because of dealer mark ups, not Dodge. As to the bench seat in a sports vehicle. So what? I like bench seats. Reason 1) Your girl can sit next to you when your cruisen, and with that floor shifter, it makes things really nice. Specially if your hand slips. And if you don't get that... then go lay down before you hurt your self. 2) White this is a truck (ergo it has a bed) some times you don't want to use the bed for "certain activities" do to rain of various other things that you and your lady might want to remain isolated from. So yeah, bench seats are fine with me. As to the comments about 4wd mister camaro, who cares? It's a purpose built truck for the road, if you can't get to your house in the winter that's a personal problem, for some one like me who lives in the south, I don't give a rats @$$ if you can't get it with 4wd, cause I'm not about to take it mudding like some kind of retarted redneck. So again, who gives a $#!* about 4wd, really? So quitcherbitchin, it's a vechicle witch spectacular performance (specially for a truck), intimadaiting looks, and it can still has ability to haul a load ply wood. All hail the new king.
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    well i would still buy one but they need to do what supraz guy said they need to lengthen it

    but it would cost 18,000 american plus another 6 or 7 thousand for the ground effects and all that so about 21,000 for it ion american prices
    and maybe 27,00 in canadian
    who knows only one way to find out

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  3. who would buy this?

    not bashing dodge or anything but seriously this is like the 5.9 rt dakota if anything this will be gone in a couple of yrs

    so rally who would want it

    buy a ram 1500 4x4 and you got something going for you but this i would have it only if i could drive it during the winter
    as well cause that is the point of a truck right?
    to be dependable
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    If I had the money I would definately buy one. It looks aight, its got 24" alloys, any U know I want them in chrome (imagine the cost of tyres/tires????". But yeah it does look kinda gangsta as well and would sure as hell intimidate a lot of other road users...<!-- Signature -->
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    true guys but think about it it is almost like a viper u can't really use it for winter isn't that what a truck is mainly used for?<!-- Signature -->
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    yeh but camaroking....its a truck....with 500bhp...isn't that mostly used for belting the living **** out of F-bodies at the lights???? muhahahahah. i'd pay up any day if i lived in america....or actaully could afford it. and yeh, imagine the cost of the tires....i think i'd take the 24's off at night and put some cheep 16-inch steel rims on with skinny cheap rubber so i could TOAST em! YYEHAW! but first thing i'd do b4 that would be to put some bucket seats in....that was a serious oversight. a performance car with a bench seat...puh-leeze.
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    it is ya but hell wouldn't you just save yourself the money and buy a viper or something cause if i want lots of hp i will buy a viper<!-- Signature -->
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    #$%# man,this is mean truck! it goes faster then some cars !!!
    500 horse power! it will blow u away
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    Anyone who wants to humiliate the guy in a lightning would buy one. I'm sure it can tow a house or 2 also. This thing has some serious performance for a full size truck. How many 5,000 lb vehicles out there can accelerate to 60mph in 5 seconds? Don't forget this is a large truck accomplishing that. Kick ass if you ask me. I wouldn't buy one because I personaly would not have much use for it nor would I like filling the gas tank up every 100 miles.
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    that's something that dodge didn't think of!

    Fuel Economy

    oh well a 4x4 is better this couldn't pull a house cause the axle isn't built for it no truck could except for a semi but hell thjis truck is ok but still wouldn't buy one<!-- Signature -->
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    I can see you guys SLOBBERING all over the steering wheel of your '87 Ford Tempo's, the first day you see someone driving one of these bohemeths down the street! Most likely driven by a 45 y/o homeowner.

    So I say, SHUT UP!

    You would if you could, so why deny?

    It is a bad ass truck!
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    i agree but my ford is not a tempo it is a cobra yes i like this truck but i would just sooner have a 4x4
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    You must be on crack.This is on of the best trucks out there. I mean one it is made by dodge(the best truck company), two it has a viper V-10 engine, third it has 500 HORESPOWER, and last IT IS A FUKING TRUCK
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    If I had a driver's license I would,not to mention the cash. I love this car. FActory 24's man,V-8,500 hp,could wipe f-bodies. I know a guy whose gonna buy a new dodge,he seriously wishes this truck was out.
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    I'd buy one, this is a sweet ass truck
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    This is the sweetest truck I have ever seen. I was just at the Chicago Auto Show and saw it up close. It is so incredibly sweet ass. I would absolutely LOVE to own one of these. Too bad its gonna cost a shitload.
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    id buy one, it would be nice if it was 4wd, but that just isnt gonna happen. same with the dakota R/t if that was 4wd i would be saving up for it right now. i live in michigan and you need a truck for the winter with 4wd. People who dont think so can some to my house with and rear wheel drive car after a few inches of snow. anyways i might still buy one if i had the cash, it wont get as bad of gas mileage as most think cuz its so light for a truck. it will still be bad tho, under 10 im guessing. but who would buy a 500 horse truck for the fuel economy.
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    i'd buy one but the price would kill me besides i am a truck guy
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    This is one Bad ass truck! 150 MPH! Thats #@#$$%%@!# crazy! Love the exhaust and Rims
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    this thing looks ok and all but it is just to stubby.
    but very impressive stats.

    supras rule.

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    ha supraz suck don't come here and talk about the supra, here please!<!-- Signature -->
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    Who the #$%# wouldn't buy one? To the #%$s who said shit about this gorgeous truck, you guys are #$%#ing gay. Number 1, like this isn't the most appealing of vehicles. The price when it comes into production will be like 50 grand, and for the looks and stats this is one of the best buys, as in the most for your money(being Sub WRX, Corvette Z06, Viper). Who wouldn't love to pull up to a redlight and smoke the shit out of hurting ass imports or just #$%#ing destroy domestic muscle cars, or even just to be seen in this. I know I would put out the money for this. A standard, comfortable as #$%#, gorgeous, fast as a son of a ***** pick up truck... plzzz, #$%#ing hurting #%$s, this thing is mint.
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    actually i heard from a source of minhe that the price is going to be 120,000.00 canadian and like 90,000.00 for americans i would buy one if i had the money but i think i will stick to normal dodge rams.<!-- Signature -->
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    hey camaroking, go and take your midol. i dont have anything against this truck, and im not just an import kid, i also have a 1968 427 big block corvette that could beat the sh#t out of that truck. all im sayin is they need to make the thing a little bit longer, thats it.

    supras rule
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    i would buy one, Sport trucks are back! and faster then ever!

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