Seriously, AMC's revival...

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    If there's any avid Hot Rod readers out there, you'll probably remember the cruelest, most infamous April Fool's joke in the history of mankind. I was ready to lay down bookoo #$%#ing bucks for both the Gremlin X and AMX Coupe (the first 2 pics). When reality hit, I was overcome with a blind rage and an urge to burn Hot Rod Magazine to the ground with Steve Stanford inside it.

    Take a look at this article, and tell me you don't want an all-new AMC.

  2. What article?
  3. Here's my proposal... Change the Chrysler name to American Motors Corporation, keep Jeep and Dodge. Start from scratch. Let Dodge focus on trucks. Let Jeep focus on offroad SUVs. And let AMC focus on cars. That way there would be no platform sharing whatsoever, only engines and technology.
  4. always loved the amx's rear pillar, how it comes out past the window. that could look great with modern styling
  5. I'd love to see the rebirth of the AMC I6... I got a boner thinking about the AMX powered by a twin turbo, direct injected, ethanol-burning I6...

    I would also like to see them acquire Fisker or Telsa, and get in on some of that sweet electric plugin action. All electric Pacer anyone? The Toyota Prius would kill over and die.

    I'm getting too worked up over this, its just pissing in the wind <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. Not going to work.
  7. way to ruin the party, killjoy
  8. I like those pictures.
  9. Yes, the world needs more shitty amerikan cars.
  10. Coming from the guy that likes "Challenger" and "Camero".
  12. The gremlin would be so badass.
  14. I remember that article, I thought it was damn funny. An old neighbor of mine had a custom white on blue Gremlin on Cragars and had a great sound. Probably the first time I can remember being exposed to AMC cars, though at the time I wasn't sure what it was. But I remember it was a damn cool car.
  15. Pretty sikk. What's funny is if the Gremlin were on the market, just like in that picture, it would sell like mad. Maybe America needs a retro mini car like the Mini and Beetle??? If I were a billionaire I would totally buy the AMC name, or Plymouth or something and start a revolutionary car company like Tesla or whatever and just make groundbraking shit. It'd PWN.
  16. Or get a new Lee Iaccoca.
    Chrysler is doing the exact same thing they did during the last fuel crisis; focus all their energy on a few shitty big cars.

    The AMC philosophy was always to stay ahead of competition by being innovative, and Chrysler kind of incorporated that for a while when they bought up all the AMC stuff.

    Personally, I don't see any innovation in the current Chrysler lineup.
    Who cares about cars with coolers in them.
  17. The pacer and the Gremlin looks awesome
  18. Somebody used AMC logo/name a few years ago and failed miserably.
  19. Unlike the original Mini and Beetle, the Gremlin was garbage.
  20. I wonder if they will have this as a factory color...
  21. Garbage, maybe.. but at the time it was introduced, it was revolutionary for an American car. It was the kind of car America was looking for, and it sold well.
  22. It was a shitty attempt at being european. It was shit. AMC was shit. USA is shit. You're shit.
  23. pwned
  24. Good point. Chrysler is literally churning out garbage. I love the way the new Challenger looks, but seriously, 4k+ pounds? Even the new Ram is disappointing. They should just build the Powerwagon concept from years back, and give it a fresh lineup of engines, to include a smaller diesel. The only vehicle in their lineup I don't have any qualms with is the Viper.

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