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  4. they're excellent. just normal stuff goes wrong. with the occasional sensor going due to age. haven't had any major issues come in with those as of yet.
  5. Thanks man. Had they sorted the IMS bearing issue by then, or was that just 996s?
  6. Go on, make me jealous.
    What does one of those cost in the UK now?
  7. that was the 996 engines (and therefore the 986 S). the 987 had those sorted. there are the occasional oil tube issues but they're not as common as the 986.
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  8. Although I won't be in a position to buy a car for a while, I think you've just convinced me that a 987 would be a good move.
  9. I'll let you know if anything starts becoming modern place on them in the mean time
  10. I've got a lead on an '01 Boxster with about 40k miles that I could pick up for probably a grand. 5-speed non-S. But it also hasn't been moved in 7-8 years.
  11. I'm going to guess oil tubes and/or alot of dried up seals.
  12. also I hate you. alot.
  13. I've done that numerous times and it's easy, when you figure it out.
    You can see in his videos, 2 cones. One is standing straight up and the other cone is on its side to make it look like an arrow. Where that cone is pointing, that's the side you should go.

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  14. Yep, plus they give you chance to walk around the course a few times to make sure you have it down before going out and driving it.

    Still waiting for them to post full results.
  15. nice vids, the car sounds so good at revs, very exotic. did you get a chance to adjust tire pressure before the auto-x?
  16. I didn't mess with the tires, didn't think it was worth it for the little 45 second runs, but I'm sure I was wrong about that.

    And thanks! I was getting compliments all day about the sound of the car. Was definitely the best sounding car of the day.
  17. the sidewalls can roll over in sharp direction change, particularly on heftier cars and unless you already run 40+ psi or a tire with a pretty stiff sidewall you can benefit from it a bit. it will help a bit with turn in for auto x and can reduce understeer a tad. for the track it is a big factor once the tires heat up but in auto x you usually wont build up enough heat during a run so you need to start out with higher pressure.
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  18. Are the OEM tyres on the E60 M5 runflats?
  19. No, Michelin PS2s iirc.
  20. Results were finally posted up today. Came 18th overall out of 23 running cars. Can't complain considering I was the heaviest car by quite a bit and it being my first time out. They plan to open up the course a bit more next time, might be able to make up some time on the little Miatas and such.

  21. Makes sense, tbh.
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  24. Makes me wanna find my radar detector, fix my dashcam and go for a drive

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