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  1. Since I can't drive the car I figured I'd goof around with some of the different video clips I've compiled over the past year.

    I’m also working on a needlessly detailed article for another site detailing my upcoming anniversary with the car. Plan to talk about all the pros and cons of the E60 M5, including running costs, maintenance, etc. If you guys have any ideas for the article or questions you’d like to see answered, please post em up!
  2. do a practice article on the pros and cons of the lumina
  3. First Pro would be that it starts and drives better than an M5.

    Dealership found a stripped wire between the CAS and starter, 100% sure that's the problem now. Ordered overnight parts from Japa.... Dingolfing, maybe get to drive it home tomorrow.
  4. Make it go awaaaaaaaay

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  5. Such a beast!
  6. Re: your car problems


    Really just wanted to use the gif.
  7. Got the car back Wednesday, finally.

    Next up is these for the rear, might be too much tire porn for @SEABEE

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    Sweet tires, best in class as you already know. i recently got a set of them myself and couldnt be happier. they grip better than yoko advan ad08 tires which are borderline r compound. they also have absurd levels of grip in the wet, nearing all season sport tire grip in the dry. for auto x they should be a big step up from the other tires you were running, nearing r comp grip. these tires will pull over 1g on anything with sporty suspension.
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  9. Much tar. Very wow.


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  10. Different angles and such of the RPI GTS system on the car.

  11. October 1st and 2nd, Summit Point, here I come!

  12. Lovely looking tracks you have there. Close enough for a visit if one ever comes to see new world.

    I was first really confused over youtube clips, but then realized there are two main circuits, the slower Nurburgring style Shennadoah one and then a much faster Summit Point one.
  13. This will be on the Shenandoah circuit, which is the dark outline I posted above. I know the car would be better at the higher speed stuff, but I want to start a little slower.
  14. How much PI are you using? Are you going to use show breaking lines only or all?
  15. What's the F10 M5 come in at, near the top of B class? I'd probably be mid-upper B class, say 570-580? Hopefully the instructor shows me some braking lines so I don't die.
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  16. Have a good time! You wont die lol, just follow the instructors lead.
  17. looks like a badass track. this would be a good time to see if you can open those front brake cooling ducts, your pads, rotors and brake fluid would thank you for it.
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    We had this discussion, my ducts are open are open :cool:

    I have a couple bottles of Motul 600 I plan on putting in this weekend, was thinking about ordering a set of track friendly pads while I'm at it. If my rotors are serviceable as they are, is there anything inherently wrong with swapping the pads back and forth?
  19. On bike side Im told to clean the disk thoroughly, maybe even sanding a bit. But then bikes are more sensitive about anything causing shake.

    Do wheels get dirty from brake material if pressed hard on track? Easier to clean soon after the trackday?
  20. Nothing inherently wrong with switching pads. Just make sure to test them before you go out and really need them. Seat them and what not.
  21. if your discs are in good shape(smooth), changing pads is not a big deal. as diggs said you wanna seat/bed them and the procedure is usually explained by the performance pad provider in a manual etc. when you switch back to street pads you often have to give the rotors some gentle time for the street pad to get rid of the layer coated by the performance pads. you could always go for something like a ferodo ds2500 which i found worked well as a track pad on a heavier car, yet was streetable with little to no squealing if seated well.
  22. ideally that is the proper method, cleaning the disc faces with a light abrasive etc before switching compounds on pads. wheels do get dirty from the heavy brake usage and many if not most track oriented pads tend to be on the corrosive side to various wheel surfaces, particularly when wet (eg tracking in the rain). some people go as far as coating the wheels with vaseline for a track day.
  23. you should definitively try to get up here (if you are "close" enough) and do a BMW Weekend at Mont-Tremblant circuit. It did it once with my WRX and it was awesome.
  24. Went for a really nice drive today with some neat cars. Viper ACR, Corvette Grand Sport, 996 911 GT3, well modded MkVI GTI, GT500 Super Snake (605hp), and a procharged 6th generation Camaro making 670hp at the wheels. Will get some videos up soon.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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