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  1. I can take it back to stock with just a couple clicks, and it erases the car's flash memory each time.
  2. Yeah but if GM can tell if the PCM has been reflashed, I'd think BMW would too.
  3. what a beast
    can you do my tax for me
  4. No drifto vids?
  5. I'm sure I could figure them out, Drano.

    And this storm brought single digit (F) temps and 30ish mph winds, no one wanted to be outside any longer than necessary.
  6. Any Winter Auto-X this season?
  7. Saw a regular 5 Series with an M kit and thought it was a pointless lie on which the dealer made some extra cash. I mean, what the hell is it good for? Looks? The only people who can appreciate those looks are the same people who can tell the lie.
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  8. Local chapter is trying to set on up, but kinda doubt I'll be able to make it with tax season and all.
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  9. such a fucking beast
  10. [​IMG]

    Nice winter day means it's picture time
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  11. what are you winter tyres
  12. Michelin X-Ice 3s
  13. There good. Same on my X3.
    Legacy has WS80 and they seem better though
  14. Tortured those poor snow tires a bit yesterday.

  15. spirited driving on winter tyres is destructive

    also did you timed yourself like mclaren777
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  16. Oh god, RIP

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  17. Nevermind, O2 sensor, crisis averted.

    Of course the bottom half of the car has to come completely apart to replace it, but whatever.
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  18. Like as in unlike
  19. O2 Sims + headers = problem solved.
  20. $3,000 and make the car sound like poo? (well, not like poo, but it loses the wail) No thanks!

    Should mention $3k is for cheaper headers, good ones are $4,500+. Then a full day of labor / weekend of DIY'ing.
  21. Headers are fun. Especially when you use things like brooms and crutches to wedge the motor over.

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