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  1. Those are for the new turbo V8 cars.

    These are sitting in my garage waiting. Highlighter for scale.

  2. looks like that kids paying his own tuition
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  3. nice, hope it works out for those sparkplugs and congrats on the kid!
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  4. Intakes installed, along with new rotors, pads, stainless lines. Need to get the engine bay cleaned up now.

  5. a friend threw up in my car and it still stinks a little bit
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  6. Dropped off for some touch up paint and full detailing. As I was pulling in this '08 M3 was just finishing up.

  7. douchey truck
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  8. Yeah, he owns the place. Really down to earth guy, personality doesn't match the truck at all.
  9. Is he a closet gay?
    The guys I've met who drive those trucks have one thing in common I've noticed. They are obvious closet gays. I'm talking about the kind of guy who has a hot girlfriend but spend 90% of his free time with the Bros grabbing eachothers penii when their team scores. They claim no-homo when they do it just so they can do it again. It's an obvious facade.
    My friend had a get together at his house. Our friend's boyfriend is a bro truck guy. He was telling us some bro dick grab story about him grabbing his bro's dick in a no homo way.
    I replied that when you've got his dick in your mouth, that in fact makes you gay. He got uncomfortable and I just kept chatting up his woman as he bro'ed out.
  10. or they are under 5'7 and need a safe place where they can be Alpha
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  11. If the Purge was a thing, I'd a'splode every bro truck I saw. I hate those fuckers.
  12. You guys act like I don't know about the truck scene. West Virginia invented the truck scene.
  13. I've got family I haven't seen in 25+ years in WV. I remember it being pretty awesome.
    You drive a BMW M car now. I figured you regressed any memories of the average pleb.
  14. he has a small diesel engine mod(coated in carbon fiber) so he can roll coal on all those unemployed WV coal miners
  15. Went autocrossing again today, 4 runs in total, 3 recorded with the rear bumper mic, 1 on the front bumper for induction noises.

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  16. Next time record it with 3 front mics and 1 rear mic. Induction noises > exhaust in most cases.
  17. Cool. I'd like to find a good place under the hood to mount a mic, but have been unsuccessful so far.
  18. Place cam on top of car so seeing track is easier.
  19. I've done that before too, just more difficult to run a mic to it. Sunroof won't close with the mic cable through it, and don't really need a cable running around my face while driving.

  20. Skeet skeet skeet.

  21. Signed up for a weekend at Summit Point again this August. Same complex, but a different course this time around. This time will be on Summit's Main course, which is must fast than the Shenandoah course I ran last year. Definitely excited to get the car back on track again!

  22. Picked up a set of 20" Forgestars this weekend from some old dude with entirely too much money. Four wheels and good Pilot Super Sports for $450. Had to drive almost 5 hours each way to get them, but absolutely worth it.


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  23. Those look great
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