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  1. I came very very close to busing an 06 M5 at the auction the other day. Went for 12k CAD.
    In the lighter blue they came in. Beauty car. But if that car was at the auction it makes me wonder what's wrong with it
  2. I can't get over how good these new intakes sound.

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  3. Yeah... There are at least a few a week that sell here in the states for $10-$12k and they always create the same thread on the E60 forums "Do you guys think this is a good deal?!?" Answer is always a resounding "no". Too many little things that are easy to screw up and outrageously expensive to fix. I wouldn't even look at one that was priced less than $20k, even then I'd really only look at a 2009 or 2010 LCI car.
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  4. How hard is it to work on those cars yourself?
  5. Exactly. Though that price is insanely cheap for British Columbia it's just too scary. Why is that vehicle there. It looked absolutely immaculate. And everything on a surface level was 10/10. But what's inside that's hidden. Why did it get run through the auction. There was a 2011 911 S cabrio that went through as well. It sold for 36k Cad. Another tempting buy but very scary.
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  6. Really the only main concern is whether or not you're willing to invest in the proper software and just a couple of specialty tools. Beyond that it's a matter of space and time. I've gotta do my spark plugs sometime in the next couple weeks and the procedures are all pretty standard, I'm just not sure I can get my big goofy hands where I need to in order to remove the intake plenum and access the two rear most plugs. When my slave cylinder went out last year I scared myself out of doing it, though in reality I could've handled it, just might have taken a full weekend since the trans had to be dropped.
  7. I cant either I'm such a fan
  8. Autocrossing Sunday, track days bro the first weekend of August.

    Any ideas on camera angles or mic locations to test out?
  9. for trackdays I prefer top of roof, diving forward, since normal in-car view or bumper view I can never figure out where the car is supposed to go
  10. Can't do that, unfortunately. The group I'm running with only allows external cameras if they are attached metal to metal, like my tow hook mount for example.
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    yeah we had the same restriction...

    I think the best lifetime achievement would be to have someone film you, while executing a drift AND having one hand pointing the finger towards the sky outside the window

    Can you do this for us?


    Thx to veyronman for bringing this one back from the e-grave
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  12. Proper AWD drifts are awesome
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  13. New autocross vid, 2nd clip is for you @xDRAN0x

    Took first in class today, which is a new one for me, and 26th out of 79 overall. By far the M5's best showing to date. Think I'm getting better and better with each outing, and this course definitely played to the car's strengths a bit better than most.

    Definitely some interesting competition out these this round, will post some pics up later.

  14. Nice recovery @ 0:47.

    Love the top mount, really gives a different and better perspective. Also shows how much the car leans on its side :eek:
  15. Well, the camera mount got a little loose and it laid a little crooked, but you're right, shows the body roll well.
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  16. Touching 140 down the front straight on Summit Point's Main course.

    Day 1 complete with car and driver mostly in one piece = success. Only issues with the car were brakes getting hot, repeatedly slowing 4500 pounds from 140mph down to 40mph will do that, and for some reason the parking sensors started giving me errors. No idea what's up with that, but it's a problem for another day.

    2.5 more hours of track time tomorrow, good stuff.
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  17. Parking sensor meant I had no pads left on my WRX
  18. Interesting. I have a ton of pad left, wonder if it's just that I got them too hot?
  19. not sure but I'd assume something more advanced than what Subaru can provide!
  20. Couple full laps with exhaust mic. I have a ridiculous amount of media to sort through and share, but I liked this perspective/sound best to start out with.

  21. My 1yo laughs at your videos
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  22. Because I am so slow :(
  23. she's like "lol @ auto tranny go bang"
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