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  1. Holy crap! It seems like it's only been ~5 months since you got it.
  2. Does this work? - apparently so, sweet
    21586759_10212004392578343_1111085322422167649_o.jpg 21586713_10212004391898326_1291221954665179349_o.jpg 21753386_10212004391418314_466262580448452792_o.jpg
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  3. Did right at 400 miles of beautiful West Virginia back roads yesterday. Can't think or a better car to do it in.

    IMGP6022-edit (Copy).jpg 1dHHyps (Copy).jpg IMGP6107-edit (Copy).jpg IMGP6167-edit (Copy).jpg IMGP6021-edit (Copy).jpg
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  4. how do you no kids I dont evn
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  5. he wants to give you his kids
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  6. WV kids are all busy shooting up heroine.
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  7. He forgot how to English
  8. how is babby born
    how girl get pregnant
  9. Pee in bum then months go and baby poops out
  10. I try, but you make it look so easy sometimes.
  11. What?
  12. I got to be popular on the internet for the day.

  13. so you are popular on two sites now, car throttle /
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  14. have dahldrin photograph your car
  15. great idea
    but they're too far apart

    we need to bring them together
    lets kickstarter a project
    I'll lead it
    all in $CAD
  16. he travels all the time, judging by his instagram. I think he was at pebble beach this year.

    does west virginia host any cool car shows
  17. No.
  18. other than KKK stuff
  19. Back in the Lumina today. Guessing the clutch is gone on the M5. Acts like it's being driven by someone just learning stick, just a binary on/off for the clutch, no modulation at all.

    If it's the clutch; clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel is about $1800 materials, probably 7-8 hours in labor. Requires special tools and software that I know nothing about.

    Could be the clutch position sensor, which is somehow $480 for the BMW part with no generic available.
  20. ouch. How long do you think you'll be without it, or will you try and keep running?
  21. Still impressive with how long it's lasted with how hard you run it. Seems like you've got your monies worth.
  22. A guy I know had an E60 a while ago. Did 3 launch control starts and needed a new clutch. You've done well out of it!
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