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  1. Yeah, I really can't complain about this one. Clutches usually last about 40k or so (some get a lot more, some get a lot less, but 40 is usually the benchmark), I know mine is around 35k and I've definitely beat the hell out of it.

    @2998ccCSL good question! I could take it to the dealer and probably have the car back by the end of the week, but, iirc, they quoted me almost $4,500 for parts and labor on a clutch and flywheel when I took it in over the slave cylinder issue last year. Since my extended warranty is up anyway, I'm trying to find a decent independent that can do the job.

    I'm sure I could handle the mechanical side of things, but the trans has to be readapted to learn the new clutch or something. Bit beyond me.
  2. they're crazy. I hope you find your independent. the quality of their work outstanding, it can be difficult to find truly decent people. An example:

    I once had a low speed wobble. Naturally my mind goes to imbalance. I take it in and I'm told no no no, you have bad control arms. you'd be mad, no, you'd be an idiot to leave here without paying us $800.

    I thought not, so i pay for the wheel balancing and leave, but the wobble, that's still there. Certain they did nothing at all, I took it to another franchise who confirmed to me i still had wheel imbalances, and happily ate up another $25. But the wobble persisted.

    two completely dishonest people, because my wheels were perfectly balanced the whole time, their machine would surely reveal that. What I discovered driving along at speed with a selfie stick shoved beneath the side skirts is a seized u joint and a wobbling drive shaft.
  3. BMW third party shop wanted 1400$ for water pump; ended up
    Being 168 under extended warranty
  4. At that price point wouldn't a swap be best?
  5. A swap of what?
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  6. get rid of that V10 JUNK and put a proper engine in it

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  7. OR, Manal swap. Weren't there US spec Manual cars anyway?
  8. There were, and it's been done, but it takes a coding genius and some $8-10k to get everything working right.
  9. you could have picked any ls motor.

    but you picked the most red neck junkyard ls motor.

    that was this posts special sauce.
  10. The vehicle. :p
  11. they probably didnt check the balance
    tire techs are lazy. they probably scraped/pried off the weights and balanced it from scratch. if they see 'wheel balancing' on a workorder they arent going to try to diagnose anything
  12. except Subaru Certified Technicians (c)
  13. After six weeks I finally have an update here. With the little one and trying to figure out how to dad, I just haven't felt like dealing with what I expected to be a horrifically expensive problem, hence it taking so long.

    I ordered a DCan cable and BMW's ISTA software to get a better feel for what was going on with the car. Took me multiple tries to get the install right so my laptop could talk to the car, each time I got frustrated and put it down for a few days. Finally got everything hooked up and talking properly this morning while my parent's had the kiddo.

    This has to be the least user friendly software I've ever seen, which I guess should be expected. Finally found the obscure "Clutch Slip Teach-In" and "Clutch valve characteristics" procedures I needed. Once I figured out how to do the adaptation, the car went through the processes without any issues. Drove the car out of the garage and for a quick spin around the block, everything feels great, probably the best that trans has felt in my 2.5 years of ownership! I did have an ABS and DSC error pop up, saying my pull away assist (or whatever its called) was disabled, but I think that's just because the battery voltage got low. Had the car hooked up to a trickle charger, but I guess that wasn't quite enough. Got back home and power cycled the car, all errors gone on the restart, hill assist working properly, which is rather important here in the WV mountains. Drove around town, in holiday traffic, for about 30 minutes after and no problems at all.

    I cannot begin to explain how great this car feels after being without it for six weeks. I've been stuck with my dad's old 1998-ish Chevy Lumina and, while it runs and drive fine, that's really the only positive thing you can say about it.

    I'm guessing my clutch is pretty badly worn for the adaptation to fix the issue, so something to look forward to in the near future. For now it's time to switch out the Super Sports for the X-Ices and cruise it til the next problem comes up.
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  14. Like a rock.
  15. Transmission and clutch still acting fine. Car took a few seconds to start this morning, as expected when it was -5*F (-20C) at 6:30 this morning. Stopped to get some breakfast, car gave me a boatload of warning lights about transmission, ABS, traction control, etc. Pulled into a parking lot and wouldn't start back, had my dad come give me a boost and it started up just fine. Battery is nearly 5 years old and has been giving me some "high discharge" warnings lately, pretty sure this cold snap has just killed it off. Big ass AGM battery of course, luckily one of the local autozones has one in stock. Now I just have to figure out how to adapt the new battery to the car.

  16. aP740Pla_700w_0.jpg
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  17. Battery replaced, all is right with the world.

    For today at least.
  18. You're the 4th person I know who has had to replace their ((battery)) this week. Its like some sort of conspiracy.
  19. Well, it's negative fortyleven degrees over like, half of the US. I probably could've given mine a good charge and got some more life out of it, but don't think it's worth the risk.

    I found the date code on the old battery, 07/12, replaced at 35,xxx miles according to the car, so 5 and a half years and 60,000 miles out of a 3 year battery. Not bad.
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  20. extreme weather kills borderline batteries
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  21. But what about Xtreme! weather?
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    I have had a pretty good battery on my Mini. Original one now ten years old and working well.

    I had the car in its first major repair. Clutch, cam chain and rear brakes were renewed. This plus vehicle inspection cost close to 2500 euros of which a thousand was work.

    Car feels better, but how much life this gave to Mini remains to be seen.

    edit. I Calculated total costs for having a car to about 4400e per year / 360e per month. This is including everything plus gasoline and assuming the car is worth 8000e now.

    Apparently I pay a bit more than a fifth of my salary to be able to drive wherever I feel whenever I please. :)

    Haa... same math gave 2000e per year for owning a GSXR, excluding clothes.
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  23. Been below freezing for a couple weeks straight, car is disgusting.

    RbsCBvz.jpg Ot3ywiT.jpg
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  25. Car was inoperable for the last six weeks, more clutch/transmission troubles. Finally had time to diagnose it this week one tax season wrapped up, replaced the voltage regulator and she seems relatively happy again. For now.

    First autocross of the year coming up this Sunday, the 29th. [​IMG]

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