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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sixspeedfirebird, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. I like cars. I'm just poor so I can't do the shit I want to do to my car.
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  2. if you really liked them you'd be living in a rental storage garage sleeping inside your car so you could afford some BBS wheels or a downpipe or whatever

    yknow the shit you imagined when you were 15

    doulbe your income marry a gay car guy
  3. Genuinely needs to happen. It won't, though. I'm just gonna be broke and alone forever, but yeah about the wheels....

    I've done some research. the front wheels from a Ferrari 550 Maranello will fit my car with no spacers or stud conversion or clearance issues. This is the goal.
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  4. So military man didn't work out?
    Maybe walk around showing off your tattoo and impress some guys into thinking you're some important dot commer.
  5. that was just a one-time thing
  6. are you not into relationships
  7. Well, I want one but I don't think highly enough of myself to believe that I wouldn't be anything but a burden to someone else.

    but yeah let's stop throwing a pity party for me and get back to the topic at hand

    BMW S50 engine - One of the best engines ever put in a road car? Discuss
  8. Told him he should have ls swapped it.
  9. thats not true at all
    you aren't unique in identifying your own flaws, everyone thinks about themselves that way to an extent
    Have you EVER had a bf
    you should try it out I think you'd be pleasantly surprised!
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  10. You're assuming that other people don't have their own fucked up bagage. Everyone does. From what I can tell, you seem like a pretty decent human being. So unless fucking goats in the epiglottis with a Gerber Mark II gets you off, I'm sure you can find someone to deal with your own fucked up bagage. You've seem to have done pretty decent for yourself, and you seem pretty intelligent and interesting. I think you have more to offer than you think.
  11. Once. Didn't go well.
  12. Once is nothing. I've been mostly a man whore since I was 17. But I'm on my 4th serious relationship now. I learned a lot about others and myself from the first three. That's why I know I found "the one". She's nothing like the others. Like the saying goes, you've already failed if you didn't try. So, if you try and it fails, you aren't losing anything. And, if you don't try, you won't know how to tell who "the one" is.
  13. insufficient sample size! Go on dates, don't get deep into stuff

    figure out what you like and don't like, what you can't do without, and what your flexible on

    from sex to personality to family/work situations, people are complex.

    Just go on dates, talk to gay dudes you like. People like being talked to, people like being approached. At least girls do, if you're decent. I have a feeling gay dudes are even more receptive
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  14. I was going to type a bunch, but just UGH will have to do for now.
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  15. HEY

    You be nice to my friend James, James.

    James wants a relationship and is perfectly capable of it
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  16. FWIW my lack of dating/relationship experience isn't the thing that's holding me back.
  17. If it's the tattoo, I'm sure some charming bloke will appreciate the story behind it.

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