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  1. and for your viewing pleasure, best motoring at its finest with your new beast, the m5 is no slouch even on the track versus full on sport/super cars, on stock tires and brake pads at that!
  2. Whoa, a GTR won a Best Motoring race?!
  3. or an nsx-r, but granted this was a nismo z tune, a factory fully souped up swan song with over 500hp and carbon everything
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    Ha, I saw that one, thought the M5 held its own pretty well <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    This was actually my favorite video while "researching", except when she says "and 383 torques"

  5. anytime. I have zero problems asking questions for folk here if I don't know the answer myself
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  7. Ugh i kind of want a sports car now. I wanted a 4 Runner until I saw you didn't like your FJ. From what I hear they're pretty much the same thing
  8. 4Runner is much much easier to see out of and get in and out of. Drivetrain is similar, but my FJ was an '08, I think the 4.0L got a pretty big update in '10 or '11.

    As much as it pains me to say it, I think an automatic FJ would've been a better choice. Toyota's manual 4x4s are full time 4x4 (40/60 split iirc). So while my manual FJ was getting 16mpg highway and having troubles pulling some of the local hills in 6th gear, the autos get low to mid 20s and the power doesn't suffer from trying to spin all four wheels at once.
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    did u *** to her
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  11. and make sure not to over torque the drain plug. last time i did an oil change i had to remove it with an extractor because the bmw tech had overtightened and stripped it prior.
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    Trying to get a track day planned for next Spring, looking for some input. I'm roughly 4 hours away from pretty much any decent track, so trying to decide which one and wondering if any of you guys have any experience with em. The list, on no particular order..

    Summit Point
    + : In my home state (still 4 hours), pretty straightforward process to get onto the track, have a friend there I can stay with to save a hundred bucks on a hotel, internationally known circuit.
    - : Really not much else to do in the area.

    + : Well known course, seem to be the best instructors and probably the best entry level course.
    - : Probably a difficult track for my first try?

    Virginia International Raceway (VIR)
    + : Another well known circuit, one of the largest circuits in the US.
    - : I think its much more expensive than the others, not entirely sure because the website kinda sucks.

    Pittsburgh International Race Complex
    + : Just outside of Pittsburgh, so plenty to do to make a weekend of things.
    - : Smallest of the tracks, but still 1.6 miles for the North Course.

    Nelson Ledges Raceway (terrible website)
    + : Cheapest at only $165 / day, have the most open dates
    - : Never really heard of the track? Nothing in the area.
  13. I've been to VIR a few times, beautiful track, especially if you get to run the full length course. Some really fun, fast parts and good elevation changes.
  14. sO i was following one today and I thought lol I know someone who owns one now just to remember it was you and its internets

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    all depends what you want to learn. also look up the prices of tire and brake parts

    EDIT: also invest in some sort of towing thing incase something goes wrong. also price out insurance for the day. 90% of the time you wont' need it but if you do its definately worth the money
  16. You can buy insurance through the larger tracks, I think Summit Point was $115 or something, for example. And yeah, I plan to do that.

    Car tells me it will need new rear pads in ~3500 miles, one of the reasons I'm definitely waiting for Spring, doubt they would pass the tech inspection right now if they're really that low.

    Tires are stupidly expensive, of course, but hopefully my first time out I won't be burning them up too badly.
  17. excellent. you really can't go wrong with any of those (though I am partial to Mid Ohio and VIR as I have good memories there). you should probably start off with the one closest to you and then expand from there.
  18. That's the thing, Mid-Ohio is (all per google maps) 4hr 35m, Summit Point is 3hr 57m, VIR is 3hr 39m, Pitt is 4hr 17m.

    I'm really leaning towards Summit Point or VIR at this point, I'm just having a really hard time sorting out how VIR's programs work. I'm going to need to sit down at lunch one day and call them, I guess.
  19. trackdays sound like fun.

    i want to do it with my car someday, but i'm scared i will crash and insurance won't cover <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  20. Small-time rallies/hillclimbs for amateurs would be something I'd like to try. Expensive hobby, though.. :/
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    I've ran through Auto Interest at Gingerman Raceway. I know they do Mid-Ohio and it also looks like they run at Pittsburgh Raceway.

    I'm sure there are forums/ clubs that put together HPDE's at VIR. I did a quick Google search and found a Corvette sponsored event ( ) who is likely receptive to all manufactures.

    I am sure their are plenty more clubs that run there. Have you done an HPDE in your Firebird? If not, get ready for some fun!!
  22. Like tscm mentioned, you can buy special one day track insurance just for that purpose. Also, none of the tracks around here will let you drive solo before you prove you know what you're doing, so, ideally, they stop you from slamming into a tire barrier.
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    Sweet, I was hoping you would come by and comment since I knew you had some experience with these things. Autointerests seems like it would work, TrackDaze is another that I'm researching now.

    And nope, never really had the money to toy around with the Fireturd other than the local-ish drag strip, so this is all 100% new to me.
  24. scnet still give me the white page of doom when I type a long comments..

    Anyways, M5 is a heavier sled, so just make sure you replace the pads and brake fluid (high temp) and you should be set (not knowing your tire conditions).

    It is the most fun you can have with pants on. An instructor will be with you but you'll be the one driving. Have fun and take your time!

    PS I want to join you at VIR some day...
  25. If you are considering track days you should certainly invest in a good set of front track oriented pads (pagid rs19 and rs 29 are good but expensive, carbotech xr10/12, pfc 06/08 are all good candidates, cobalts are ok). if you want an intermediate pad that is streetable but a good step above stock, ferodo ds2500 is universally the best dual purpose pad. ive used it and daily drove it and put on 4 track days and they held up quite well, almost as good as dedicated track pads.

    if you can find a way to route brake cooling ducts you will not find a cheaper performance brake upgrade. i did this with the ferodos and the difference was (on a brake heavy stop and go track) having to pamper the brakes after 3-4 laps vs 7-8 laps, best 100 bucks ive spent on the car. brake fluid as mentioned, i usually get motul rbf 600.

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